Saturday, September 1, 2012

5 mins makeup challenge!

Hi everyone!!

Here is my video on my 5 mins make up challenge.  It is challenging but it's possible.  You can basically create a simple everyday look in 5 minutes.

Here is my the link to my videos: (it's a short video as you can read from the tittle) lol

Here are the lists of the products I use:
Urban Decay Tinted moisturizer in Bodyguard.
Laura Mercier undercover pot 3
Pressed Powder Instant Age Rewind in creamy natural by Maybelline
Mac Blush in Immortal Flower
Maybelline Color Tattoo in Taupe  (I swear by this! everyone must have one maybelline color tattoo.  It is the BOMB)
Ofra Universal eyebrow pencil
Angel Lipstick by MAC
Urban Decay Zero 24/7 eyeliner
Too Faced Chocolate Soleil (used to define my crease)
Loreal Infallible eye shadow in 333 Golden Sage.
They're Real Mascara by Benefit

Brushes that I use:
Powder brush MAC 101
Sephora Double ended blush and bronzer brush
Essence of beauty for pencil brush.

Earring by Forever 21

No I didn't have my hair made because I was in a hurry to do the video. LOL I just put my hair in a ponytail.
I said Ofra lipgloss instead of Sienna! My bad...what was I thinking? I wasn't thinking! :(
Also, yes sometimes I was out of focus/place because I really didn't have a place to put my camera in the right place (I filmed this while visiting my mother in law so I am not in my comfort zone) so pardon me :(

I tag everybody out there to challenge themselves to do this.  It is quite fun to be able to see how fast or how high maintenance you are in regards to your beauty routine.

Oh and this is usually pretty much my to go look during the day unless I am given more time by my children then I can do better FOTD than this. haha but this will do for pretty much everyday.

Pls do share your video and your 5 mins make up look.  I am curious to see how everybody does theirs.

Have fun! until next time and thank you for visiting!


  1. Aaaah... me and my sister will never be able to look as good as you in 5 mins! We at least need 30 mins to look proper for the day :D

  2. Lol hmmm you'd be surprised! It is really not that diff cause in Indo don't u all just use BB cream instead of foundation? And just choose one color for eyeshadow. :) thanks for watching btw!

  3. just did this task yesterday, but unfortunately my cam was cut my video, that was made me feel like @&#%$
    hahaha, LOL
    but I'll try it later *fighting!
    anyway, I've followed you, I hope u can do the same <3


    1. Oh no!! Yeaa redo!!! Lol i will be waiting here to watch it :) oh followed back of course!

  4. been wanting to follow you, but i keep on forgetting. lol Now follow me back like you have promised :p *evillaughs* haha
    btw, it's unbelievable you can pull off that look in 5 minutes *applause* it's nice :)

    1. Awww thanks Adel! I most def will rtf. Thx and yes you will be able to pull it too someday in the future when you have a child and have to be in a hurry. Haha but thx for the compliments.

  5. Hi! Nice post!

    Betewe I've followed your blog, dear..
    Mind to support each other? :)

    1. Thx girl! I was trying. Could not find your link. Thx for letting me know the link. Following already :)