Thursday, August 30, 2012

Stila Glitter Eyeliners

Hi everyone!

Today we are going to talk about eyeliners.  Yes I know there are a lot of reviews out there about eyeliners.  However, I am not done.  I am talking about Glitter eyeliners.  For those of you who know me well, know that I love glitters and eyeliners.  So, because I love eyeliners and glitter, when they are combine into one, I have to have it and it is always a must have with me.  I have a few of glitter eyeliners from different brand.  However, one of my favorite glitter eyeliners is Stila glitter eyeliners.  It is amazing.  It is waterproof, smudge-proof,  bright, shiny and glittery.  I love love Stila glitter eyeliners. I understand the fact that with my monolids, nobody can really see it in my eyes when I put eyeliner on.  It doesn't stop me from loving eyeliners.  I love eyeliners.  I love wearing them on my eyes.

Well let me just show you the product shall we!

This is how the packaging looks like.

Stila packaging has always been about environmental friendly.
This is the purple one.  I know it looks blue somehow from this picture but it is purple.

This purple one is called Royal.

Don't you just love purple? I love purple.  It is just lovely.

This one is called Electric.

Isn't it pretty? I love it.  The green just so gorgeous.

This one is called Bora Bora.

I love Bora Bora.  It is so vibrant and pretty.

Now a test with the water!

This is how it looks before I run water through it.

I run it for awhile actually.

See how the color is not even faded.  It stays.  Amazing right?
It is so awesome.

Here is Bora Bora.  Gorgeous right? so vibrant.  I actually tested Bora Bora and Electric when I did my 2 HHF (Hip Hop Fitness.) It did not smudge at all.

Here is Electric.  I don't know why it looks a little bit darker in this picture.  It is actually a little lighter, not much just a little.

Here as you can see on my left eye is the electric and right is bora bora.

I should next time try to go out with this eye look.  (Different eye liner) I mean. LOL what do you guys think?

Here is a total look with electric.

This one, of course with bora bora.


Well what do you guys think? I am so sorry I didn't have the royal with eye look.  I only have 2 eyes and I decided to use bora bora and electric this time instead of royal.  I could have used my husband's eyes but I doubt he will agree. Ha Ha Maybe I can try to persuade him during Halloween time because then there is an excuse for it to be different and in costume right? Anyway, which color of the three you like the best? I always have one of these three in my purse.  It is so handy especially when I want to use something to just brighten up my eyes.  I will put one of this baby on and voila, my eyes just look brighter and fun.  I know with my monolids, you can't really see it but I know I have them on and I love it every time I wear bright and vibrant eyeliners.  Are you an eyeliner lover too?

I hope you like this review and swatches.  Let me know what you think of glitter eyeliner.  Do you like it? or are you not a fan of glitter, shimmering eyeliners? Some people truly just love black eyeliners.

Well that is all for now.  Leave me a comment below and have a wonderful day! Thanks for visiting.


  1. I always use my lil brothers' lips / eyes everytime I run out of lips/eyes. At home or at beauty counters :-D

    Nice review anyway... love that bora bora. Looks good on you ^^

    1. Hahaha yea that works! Lil bro usually will let u although I don't think my lil bro will let me do it to his face or eyes. Lol
      Thanks for the compliment. I love bora bora!

  2. Well I will put an end to the will he/won't he debate. I will definitely NOT be wearing any make up in the foreseeable future. Unless there is a substantial bribe being paid to me, you can forget about it. Nice post though.

    1. Thanks honey! Hmm i think you will if I convince you enough and no there will be no bribery involved hahaha

  3. love your eye-make-up! :) sooo glittering! cute
    xx the cookies
    share the feeling
    <3 visit

    1. Thanks cookie! I love your green top! Awesome color!

  4. I want the purple and green... LOVE IT!!! thx for the swatches

    1. I know purple is gorgeous! I wish I can wear them all at once. Maybe i will try to do that next time. :)

  5. oh n waiting for the next youtube video ;)

  6. Lol ok I will try soon. I know u suggested no mirror makeup challenge so I will try to do that.

  7. Sabrina: I don't know why your msg is not showing but thanks for the comment and yes I agree the colors are just sooo pretty.

  8. hi ce (i think i should call you ce because you're older ^^), i love bora2.. the colour is so pretty, but i don't really like glitter eyeliner, except for brightening inner corner of my eyes. but still if i wanna try out one of those colours, i will choose bora bora :D

    1. Hi Rini! U can call me however you like :) yes bora bora is very pretty, and the glitter is not really too much. I think it is more toward shimery and you can try for going to party kinda looks, u know like new years where u want to have fun but stand out looks. Right?

  9. nice look :)

    xx m

  10. electric so awesome,,,
    like thisss,,,
    the color is nice n fresh eye :)