Tuesday, September 4, 2012

NOTD: Green Nail Art (Tinkerbell)

Hello everyone!

How was everyone's labor day weekend? It is always fun to have extra day for your weekend right? :) Mine was great.  We went to visit the family and my mother in law helped me with the children.  She is an awesome woman.  It was perfect because I was sick and she just let me rest.

Anyway,  I am a bit late in my blog because as I said earlier I was sick so didn't really have the strength to do anything and when I did try, I found out someone who is close to me (my nanny who had taken care of me for 15 yrs) had passed away. God bless her and May she RIP. I was super sad and couldn't think.

Ok enough of the sad story and back to blogging shall we.  Today I want to show you my nail art.  When I got back to my home, I saw my package from Hautelook and was so excited to open it.  I did and saw this beautiful nail polish and thought OMGosh the color is just so beautiful and told myself that I hope it came out the way it looks.  That will totally be super awesome.  Took my children to bath and couldn't wait to try it so I did haha.  While they were playing in the bath tub, I tested it on my finger and I tell you what! It is gorgeous.  I was so excited and giddy over the color and know that I have to put it on and do some nail art.

Finally, after the boys went to bed, I went and did my nails.  When I see the color, I think of Tinkerbell.  I love tinkerbell.  She is so pretty, cute and I want to hang on to summer a little longer.

Without further ado, here is the color of the nail polish:

It is called Thirty four row by Pop beauty.

Here is the color in my nail. Gorgeous right? It is like a pastel but yet brighter.  It is not neon but it is bright as neon color is.  So so pretty.

So first I start with a base of course.

My silly little hand. Start with a Endurance base by Jessica (diamond line)

First I start with putting 2 coats of the green nail polish on 4 of my fingers.  On my middle finger I use 2 coats of Carribbean Frost by Wet and Wild.  Wait for 5 mins for it to dry and make sure that it won't peel off when I put the tape over it.  I put the tape on and then paint the nail with the green (thirty four row) nail polish. The darker green just reminds me of the greens surrounds Tinkerbell (the tree, grass and such)

For my ring finger, I just put 2 stripes of gold tape over it. (every time I watch Tinkerbell, I also see gold flecks)  For my point finger, I did gradient glitter and I use brilliant idea by Nicole by OPI. (tinkerbell and her fairy dusts) For my thumb, I use plate m35 to stamp the image of a fairy.

After that is all done, I put Dazzle top coat by Jessica (diamond line)

Here is the total look of the nail art.

This is the picture I post in my Instagram

Here is my right finger.

Here is my left fingers.

So that is all for my NOTD.  What do you guys think?  I just totally in love with this green color.  It is so different than the rest of the light green I have which I have quite a few.  My husband can confirm you on this.  He may even say I have more. Lol.

I hope you like this nail art as much as I do.  Pls comment below and I will surely respond.  Thanks for visiting.


  1. I can't stop looking at the green!! I love green!! Cute nails btw, I envy you I'm really bad at doing nails...

    Already following you!!