Friday, February 15, 2013

January Glossybox (Awesome)

Hello everyone!

Today I am just going to show you all my what is in my January Glossybox.  I totally love this box because first of all, I receive the nail polish that I have been wanting to try on and secondly, we get 7 samples instead of 5! How awesome is that?

Anyway, I also notice the fact that it is now the month of February haha and I am talking about Glossybox January.  The reason for it because I just receive my box literally a week ago.  Glossybox actually emailed me to let me know about the delay of my box so that is why I just show you all right now what I got in my January box.  Oh and the January box is called the "Man Repeller Box"

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Well let me get straight to the pictures and description of the sample item that I receive in my "Man Repeller Box."

1.  Fresh     Full Size: $35.00/1oz
     Umbrian Clay Mattifying Serum

Umbrian Clay, Fresh's proprietary ingredient, has a uniquely high-mineral content that works to neutralize acidity, purifying and clarifying the complexion.  This treatment formula tones and hydrates while controlling shine minimizing the appearance of pores.

I actually excited to try this because I have oily face and this will minimize the appearance of pores which I, again, have big pores so this will be good for me to try out.

2. Le Metier De Beaute     Full Size: $225.00/1.17oz
    Repleneshing Daily Solution

This rich, emmolient formula protects, conditions and hydrates while it nourishes, rejuvenates, and detoxifies skin, restoring a health suppleness to your skin.  Paraben-free.

I honestly not so sure about this product.  I am excited to try but scared when I look at the price.  Hey what if I like this product? I cannot see myself spending money to buy the full size product.  It is just too much for me.

3.  Narciso Rodiguez     Full Size: $$77.00/1.6oz.  $104.00/3.3 oz.
     for her Eau de Toilette Spray

A fragrant harmony of musc, intimately refined with a floral facet developing gently and slowly, rounding out into the feminine warm tones of sun-kissed skin, dusted in soft, velvet-like sensuality.
This perfume smells good however, it is not for me.  I find this a little too strong for me.  Others may like it more than I do though.

4.  OPI    Full Size: $9/.5oz
     "Can't Let Go" Liquid Sand Nail Laquer

A unique matte purple shade with subtle accents of reflective shimmer.  This long wearing liquid sand lacquer dries to a matte finish which means no top coat is necessary! Apply base coat and two coats of color for full opacity.

I seriously in love with this nail polish.  Super fun and so cool!  Best of all, I got it in purple, my favorite color.

5.  Sebastian Professional   Full Size: $19.00/5.1oz
     Potion 9

The ultimate versatile styling cream infused with nine botanical extracts to help restore lost moisture and rejuvenate the healthy look of your hair.  Perfect for styling your wet and dry hair into multiple looks with flexible hold.

6.  Tarte    Full Size: $26.00/.07oz
     Glamazon pure performance 12-hour lipstick

Achieve vivid long-lasting color with a superb blend of emollient-rich butters (mango, avocado, and shea) encapsulated in Tarte's 12 hour power formula.  Helps to minimize the appearance of fine lines leaving your lips with a perfect, plumped-up appearance.

This is a beautiful red color.  I, however, am not really into red that much.  I think it is because I cannot pull a red lip on me haha.  This is an orange based red so when you see the picture on me, it looks orangey red. (If this makes sense) haha.
The color is pretty, don't get me wrong.  It just not for me.  :)

Well that is all I got for my January Glossybox and a little bit of my opinion on them.  Let me know what you think.  Have any of you tried these products? If so, pls do leave a comment below and share your 2 cents about these products.

Thanks for visiting! Until next time y'all!! XOXO

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Colorful Spring Look

Hello everyone!

In this post, I want to show you this look that I created that represent spring.  I am so looking forward to spring because I want to see flowers blooming again and most importantly, I am so done with the cold weather. LOL

I know that I have been missing and not posting any posts for awhile.  I was sick for over a month and then while I am recovering, my baby was sick so I have to focus my attention to our health and getting better so I kinda took a break that I didn't plan on taking.  I really miss blogging so now that I am better and hopefully stay healthy, I will blog more often like I did last year.  To all my lovely readers, thank you very much for your patience, I truly appreciate it.

Well without further ado, this is the link to the video for colorful spring look.  If you like the video, don't forget to subscribe!

Products I use,

Moisturizer, Lancome
Foundation, Revlon Color Whipped Foundation
Eye brow: Concrete, MAC
Eye Primer, Too Faced Shadow Insurance
Bronzer: Too Faced Chocolate Soleil
Blush, MAC
Eye shadows: Lime Crime Magic Dusts in Circus Girl, Lime Crime, Empress and Shoe Addict
Wet and Wild, A glass to shine: (all matte products) I use the brow bone color.
The Watts highlighter by Benefit
Eyeliner: pencil in perversion as well as liquid eyeliner in perversion
Mascara: Too Faced LashGasm
Lipstick MAC Angel topped with MAC Nikki Minaj lip glass Limited Edition

This is the final look.  What do you think?

I just love the combination of the colors.

The total close up look.  :)

This is another angle of the look.  Because of my teeny little eyes, you won't be able to see the whole look such as pictured above lol so I decided to show this angle, that way you can see the total look including the eyeliner which you will hardly see otherwise.  Ha Ha

Well that is all.  What do you think? I really love this look and I hope you do too.  Leave me a comment and if you like my video, don't forget to subscribe :) Thanks so much and thank you for visiting.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

MAC Glamour Daze Collection

Hello everyone!!!

How are you guys doing in this brand New Year 2013?  I am not doing so well right now because for the past 2 weeks now, my kids and I have been sick.  Oh it is terrible, I cannot move, and all I did was lay in bed or couch most of the time.  On top of that I was dealing with my sister moving out of our home.  It sucks!

Anyway, enough of all negativity, I was not trying to bring negative into the post, I just was trying to explain the reason why I have been missing for a few weeks.  I felt horrible and hopefully I can still have enough loyal readers and not losing all of you guys.  I truly miss blogging! I just always fell asleep sleeping with my sick baby every night and truly didn't have time to even write a blog or even can write.  It was hard.  I apologize.

On this post, I want to talk about the holiday collection from MAC Glamour Daze.  I have bought this palette in early December when they first came out, I didn't do the review until later on.  By the time I did the review, I was too busy to write the post.  Hahaha Well now I try to find the time.

Here is the picture of the palette ALL FOR GLAMOUR FACE KIT in GORGEOUS BRONZE  that I bought.

This is how the palette is boxed.

This is how it looks like when you take it out of its box.  It has a beautiful vintage looking in my opinion.  Glamour truly it is.

I love the bow flap it came with.  It is so pretty.  It is magnetic flap so one has to be careful if one didn't know that it is magnetic, one may open it forcefully and can damage the palette.

This is how it looks like when you open them.  You have a big mirror on top to use.  Perfect to have when you need to touch up in a car and do not have to worry about not having a big enough mirror.  The provided mirror is big enough to see everything :)

It comes with a lipstick that has a lid to it.  Thank goodness.  I hate when they have a palette with lipstick next to the eye shadows because the lipstick will definitely get dirty and that irks me so bad.

It comes with a bronzer, Golden.
3 eye shadows:
Hearts-A-Flutter (S)
Romance Me (L)
Shadowy Lady (M)
2 lipstick: Barely lit(L) and Headturner(CS)
1 Double ended applicator- 275SE Shader and 316SE Lip Brush

I don't know why but the color does not look the way it supposed to.  I tried and tried to capture the right color but to no available so I apologize.

I tried and tried to get a good swatch for the bronzer but my golly, it is so hard to have a good swatch on to my hand. lol.  same thing with the rest of the eye shadows.  It is just difficult.  The swatch that you see is from many many layer of the eye shadows as well as the bronzer.  I knew when I swatch this I will be weary about how it will take when I actually put it on my face.

Well this is the final look that I create from the palette.  The bronzer actually shows up better on my face than it is on my hand when  I swatched it.  The eye shadows were not pigmented at all.  I have to swipe quite a lot of times to get the color to my desire.  Even after I finish, I still find myself touching it up because I just was not satisfied with the colors of the look.  I do love the lipsticks.

The palette actually gives a great collection of colors that give a nice look to your eyes for party or even just an everyday look.  It is the fact that it is not pigmented enough. Arghhhhh it is so disappointed because I honestly fell in love at first sight when I saw this palette and immediately bought it without thinking twice.  It is MAC! It shouldn't be that bad.  Well this is my first disappointment when it comes to MAC products. :(

Last and final look from this palette.  I love the lipstick, headturner.  It is this beautiful blue based magenta.  However, when I tried to take a close up picture of it, it looks more light pink than how it supposed to look hahaha.  I don't know if it was my lighting or my camera. Well I took this three picture to show you how it actually supposed to look.  All the colors looks more identical on my face than it is on my swatches so there you go! Judge it for yourselves all them colors.  I love the final look I create but I cannot lie, it is a pain to use to get to how I want it to look.

All and all, will I recommend you to buy this? Definitely not.  This is the one kit that I actually bummed that it didn't turn out the way I want it to be.

That is all for this post.  I hope you like it and sorry to disappoint you if you are planning to buy this palette, my suggestion is buy something else.  Don't waste your money.  It is not worth it to buy.
Thank you for visiting and until next time! :) XOXO