Friday, September 28, 2012

Anna Sui Fall Season Eye Look to Try.

Hello everyone!

Today I am not going to do any review, swatches or haul.  I am going to attempt to recreate the look that I saw in In Style magazine September 2012 issue which is more like a giant book instead of a magazine! haha you should see how thick this magazine is.  It is 652 pages long.  WOW.  Ok out of topic.  Anyway, on page 106 of In Style magazine, there is this Reader's Poll of Fall's Top Trend.  It asked about "The EYE LOOK you will most likely try this season."

Here is the picture:

54% chose Dramatic winged liner.
34% chose Sultry blue liner.
12% chose Statement making shades in wild hues.

The look that I am trying to re-create is the middle one.  I am also attempting to try to do her look as closely as I can to look like her.  This is just an attempt, my very first attempt so please let me know what you think about this? 

At first I was trying to do this and then a video tutorial but I didn't manage to be able to record the video because it took longer than I thought to re-create her look.  

Also pls note that I tried to style my hair to look like her hair but it is impossible lol because I just wash my hair and it was so fine that it refuses to be styled.  I just did the best I can for the picture's sake.  

This is the look that I did.

Now pls know that I am NOT as pretty as her! nor am I as skinny as her (damn isn't she gorgeous?)haha so I am just wanting to show the eyeliner of course and just try to look as closely to her face as I can.  I even try to make my lips a little smaller. hahaha 
As you can see that my brow bone is slightly higher than her and I try to do my eye brow like her and I guess I am using the wrong color.  In real life the color looks just like hers but I guess when I took the picture, It changes maybe because of the light.  
See my hair? It is horrible I tell ya.  I was trying, trying and failed.  :(  my hair just refuse to co-operate.
I do not have matte eyeliner so mine has glitters on it as you all know how much I love glitter.  I tried to top it with matte blue eye shadow but it is still showing. :(

Anyway, do let me know what you guys think.  I want to try to do other looks but I am gonna do it one step at a time hence, doing an easier look such as this.

That is all and I will end it with Thanks for visiting!


  1. woww, i like this :)
    what eyeliner do you use?
    it so bold and beautiful :)

    1. Radium by Urban Decay. :) i love the color too. One of my favs

  2. Gorgeous!
    You re-create it perfectly..

    Maybe, what you need more is the photography technic, you took the picture too close i think. or maybe its just my opinion ;)

    1. Thank you my dear Sarah!
      Ah yes I know! I am still learning about which angle n lighting and such. I totally agree abt this. I want so badly to create a black background but i dont have photoshopped tools haha. Mine is only cut n trim.

      Oh and yes i kinda agree that i took the picture a little too close or i zoomed it too much. Tsk tsk i was really trying to compare the eyeliners. I want to make it as closely as I can to hers.

      Well i guess i will keep on practising right he he

  3. Very good job. I am definitely impressed with the look! Keep up the quality blogging.

    1. Thanks honey! :) glad u came and visit me for once! HAH! yes yes thanks for the compliment and support. :-*

  4. 652 pages... O__O WHAAAAATTTTT??? lol ! i want to see the magz in real life!

    pros : i think u nailed in making ur lips appear smaller and the eyeliner looks similiar! congrats! :D
    cons : the little blue dots on the bottom or ur eyes are somewhat awkward, idk maybe you should have done a little bit smaller ones... anyway, this is just my humble opinion, dear! you know i love you! xx :)

  5. I know right!i should have taken a pic of it. Oh thanks!
    Thanks for the suggestion. I do agree the bottom liner somewhat look awkward. I guess maybe it is a tad bigger and it wasn't right under the pupil like hers. Thanks so much for commenting! Xoxo

    the color is pretty and gorgeous!! glad i found your blog
    following you back now :)


    1. I know right! I love blue eyeliner. :) thx!

  7. Hi Rosdiana, Thanks for visiting my blog. I am following back. Great eyeliner on you.

  8. hey dear!
    your blog is really amazing! great posts! i love your makeup try!
    i'm following u! i hope you'll visit me and follow mine too.

    nessi from hungary

    1. Thanks Nessi! I visited n followed you back :)

  9. hi dear, i've tagged you here:

    1. Ohhh sounds fun!!! I will do this. Oh I did read your blog so I will comment later :)

  10. wow, you create the eyeliner beautifully.. it's totally looks similar, in term of colors and wing form.. nice! :)