Monday, September 10, 2012

GLEE OPI by Sephora

Hello everyone!

Today I am going to talk about GLEE Nail polish by OPI.  I am sure many of you are GLEE fans.  I have seen Glee and loves it however I don't follow it.  I don't follow it simply because I have so many other shows that are on my DVR and don't have the time to watch Glee.  Oh yes talk about DVR, for those of you who don't know what it is, DVR stands for Digital Video Recording so basically it records all your favorite show on TV.  I love my DVR, totally can't live without it.  I don't know how I survived many years ago without them.  When I went home to Indonesia, I actually miss my DVR. Haha sad! I know I know, I am so spoiled in that regard.  I even hate it the fact that I can't rewind the shows in Indonesia when I was watching TV.  I am so out of topic right now.

Back to Glee nail polish.  I saw this on sale at Sephora and it was only for $3.  I thought wow what a great deal so of course I immediately order it.  Lucky me because the next day, it was sold out.  When I saw the lists of all the colors, I love them and bought all 4 of them.  I am positive there are actually more selections of colors because it was based on each characters in Glee.  I only have 4 of them so I am only reviewing and swatching the 4 that I have.

Here are those four:

This is Gleek Out.  It is based on the character of Kurt Hummel.  It is a sheer lime color with fine gold glitter.

Sephora by OPI.  Limited edition.

This is a picture Gleek out 1 coat.

This is 2 coats of Gleek Out.  I love this color.  it is so pretty.  The shimmers are so beautiful.  It looks bright but it actually not.  It is enough where you see the shimmer but it is not over the top.

This is Who let the dorks out? based on the character of Sue Sylvester.  It is an opaque metallic peacock green.

Limited edition for Sephora by OPI.

1 coat of Who let the dorks out?

When I first saw this out of my package, I actually thought wow this is pretty.  However, after trying it by putting the first coat, I dislike it.  It is very difficult to apply, streaky and just won't cooperate. LOL In my personal experience, this is a pain in the rear end to apply and it stained my nails.  So out of all 4 of them, this is one I dislike the most.  Luckily, I only spent $3 on it.  Totally not worth the money full price.  I did however try it over slushied, it came out much better.  It complements each other so I guess if you like Slushied but want shimmer then yes by all mean, get this color.  Otherwise, not worth it to buy.

This is Slushied based on the character of Finn Hudson.  It is an opaque turquoise blue.

1 coat of Slushied.

2 coats of slushied.  This color is pretty.  It reminds me of Hyacinth when it blooms in the spring time.  I don't know why in the picture it looks like it is streaky but it's actually not.  It is very spring color.  Well this specific collections I believe came out when spring about to arrive hence the beautiful colorful colors.

This is Mash up based on the character of Will Schuester.  It is an opaque opalescent gray.

1 coat of Mash Up.
 2 coats of Mash Up.  Ok out of all 4 colors, I actually didn't really put too much expectation on this color.  It was one of those meh I got it and it's alright.  Boy was I wrong.  Totally proven wrong by this color.  It is gorgeous.  This color is probably loved by my fellow blogger, Sara.  She loves her nude and this is gearing toward nude. This is definitely not nude but it looks so soft.  I love this color so much, I didn't want to take it off so I am actually wearing this on one hand and Gleek out on the other. Haha just because I like it so much.

On a different angle.  I mean it is supposed to be gray but I swear I can see a soft lavender color and sometimes even holographic.  It is so weird, awesomely weird. I am loving it weird.

Well that is all my take on this collections.  What do you guys think? Which color do you like the most?  I am so sad that I didn't get the purple that is based on Mercedes Jones but oh well I am happy with what I got.  My favorite in this collections is Gleek out and Mash up.  As I said previously though, if combined, Slushied and Who lets the dorks out are actually really pretty.  They complement each other so I think I am just going to put them on my toes.

Let me know what you like in my comment box.  Thanks for all the comments.  I love all of them and will respond to every single comment you leave me.  Thanks for visiting! Until next time...


  1. love all the color, but since I'm working right now, i couldn't apply nail polish, i feel shy when i working and my coworker comment my nail, and make embarrassing me :(

    have a nice day :)

  2. Are you not allowed to wear nail polish or just shy? Don't be embarrased! Embrace your beautiful nail with gorgeous colors. Have fun with it. If you worry about it being too colorful, you can wear something thst is close to nude colors such as mash up. I bet it will complement you :) thanks for visiting Susan!

  3. Replies
    1. Oh yes slushed is a great spring color. My sister loves the color slushed too.

  4. I'm drooling over mash up right now.... =P~

  5. Ross ga youtube lagi?
    Sy sk denger aksen amerikamuu

    1. I will girl! As a matter of fact, i just finished editing my tutorial so will post it tonight. :)

  6. slushied and gleek out are sooo pretty xD
    thank you for the review and the swatch!

    1. Aww thanks Adel! Yea i love those 2 colors as well. Thanks for visiting!

  7. i love the lime color, and sure, I already followed you dear <3


    1. Thanks for following :) appreciate the support!