Monday, October 1, 2012

Julep Matte Nail Polish

Hello everyone!

How was your weekend? Mine was so much fun.  My husband and I took the kids to Maize, Maze and Berries.  It is basically a place where there is maze, pumpkin and berries picking, dodge ball fun, laser tag, feeding the animals and so on.  We spent 4 hrs there and the day was just so beautiful.   You couldn't ask for a better day to spend the day outdoor.

Well let's get back to topic.  The topic today will be Julep matte nail polish.  Have any of you owned matte nail polish? What do you think of it? I own a few and I gotta admit, when I first try matte nail polish, I was like, mehhh not for me.  However, as I see more colors come out and people started coming out with their ideas on how to incorporate matte and glossy together, I was intrigued and loving the whole matte nail polish.

Then one day, I was at Sephora and saw that Sephora finally carry Julep nail polish and not only that, the nail polishes that are on the shelves are matte suede finish.  Ohhh I was excited to try them so I did and man! from the very first time I saw it on my nail, I am hooked.  I want those nail polishes so bad.  So I bought 2 of them.  There are many more colors but the price is too much for me to spend on a nail polish.  I bought 2 so that really speaks how much I wanted them.

Here is a little information about Julep:
     "Founded by beauty expert Jane Park, Julep celebrates friendship, expression, and connection through color.  Applying her professional beauty advice--often featured in leading fashion magazines--Park develop a nail polish collection with colors named after inspirational, vibrant women.  Julep's fast-drying, long lasting, non-toxic formula is paired with a high-performance, professional brush.  Additionally, the brand donates a portion of their proceeds to  organizations that support and empower women."  (taken from Sephora website) 

Without further ado, I will show you the two colors that I got and swatches of them as well as how I wear them.

Here is Minka:


Minka is this red based bronze color with silver shimmers.  I know you must be wondering how in the hell can you put shimmers in it when the result is going to be matte.  Well you will see on the swatch below.

One coat of Minka.  If you like soft polish, you can just be done with one coat.  Amazing how opaque it is right.  So pretty.

2 coats of Minka.  The difference isn't really much.  It just shows a slightly deeper color.  Still gorgeous!

Now here is the second nail polish that I purchased:


Amber is this beautiful yellow based silver yet bronze looking color and also with silver shimmers in it.  It is so pretty!

One coat of Amber.  Nice don't you think? for those of you who likes soft colors, you need to get these two colors.

Two coats of Amber.  Similar to Minka, the color with 2 coats really isn't that obvious.  It only adds a deeper color to the polish.

This is just a look at a different angle.

The colors are just too pretty.  Can you see the shimmers?  It is there but at the same time, it looks matte.  Amazing isn't it? A different look to typical shiny glossy nail polish with glitters and shimmers.  I love the look these two nail polishes create.  It is such a unique looking color.  The nice thing about this polish is that you don't have to put top coat (of course) because if you do then it will not be matte any longer but glossy so because of not having to put top coat, the drying time is shortened.  Actually the drying time of these two nail polish is incredible.  The drying time is 15 secs tops but to be safe, wait for a minute, just one minute and you touch it, it won't smudge or leave any fingerprints.  Incredible!  The not so nice part will be because it dries so fast, you gotta move fast. If you are too slow with it, it will dry on you so I am not so sure people who are used to taking their time to put nail polishes will like this as much as others who like it quick drying and know how to put nail polish with a single stroke.  (you know like those nail technicians)  So just beware that when you are putting on these polishes that you just have to be a little quicker than usual.  (Not much just a little)

Here what I did after I am done with my swatches.  Yes I will wear my nails like these for awhile because I am so in love with the colors and I am not going to waste my nail polish especially not these because they are not cheap so I am going to make the best of it by wearing them for days. Haha

I just added French tips to them.  I saw this at Sephora billboard and these two combination colors are what caught my eyes and I love it so much.

This will be what on my right hand.  Yes  I know these two are two different colors and different french tips.  Hey that is why it is so much fun to be wearing them.

So at $14 with only 0.27 fl oz (8ml) , it is just ridiculously expensive.  :( I bought it because I want it so much.  However, I love the packaging.  It is unique unlike any other nail polishes though it is fragile.  I know this because my baby broke one of my Julep nail polishes (luckily I didn't spend $14 on it) when he decided to throw it against another nail polish. (yes my little bunny loves to hang on to my nail polish, different color in each hand too lol) I love the drying time however as I explained it above, it can be a pain when you make a mistake and not have enough polish and dip it the second time because by the time you want to brush the polish, the previous polish already dried on you and it can create a messy look if you are not careful yet quick at the same time with it.

Well those are some of the things you should know before you want to purchase Julep.  I purchase mine on Hautelook and I bought them all half price except these two.  I bought them full price and it hurts to spend it but worth it at the same time.  You know what I mean? probably not. Haha oh well! just know that I will store these two in a much higher place so my baby won't get a hold of it and break it.

Ok guys that is all for now.  Which look do you like better? the silver french tips or the red french tips? Also which color do you like better? Let me know on the comment below!

Thank you so much for visiting.  Take care.  XOXO


  1. The silver one is pretty! Actually I prefer glossy nail polish hehehe :D

    1. I know right! I love it. Yes yes as I said, i didn't really care much for matte nail polish until i saw these babies lol