Sunday, September 23, 2012

Too Faced Haul

Hi everyone!

Just want to give you the detailed picture of my Too Faced haul.  My awesome haul.  Did I tell you I love them?  yea yea if you watch my video, I know I have said it a million time.  So here goes, just want to give you all the pictures and more swatches of them.  If you want to see what I say about this product, pls do go to my Youtube video and if you haven't already, pls subscribe to my video :) you support means a lot!

Here is the video: 

I got my haul from Ulta and Too Faced website.  I can tell you Ulta 21 days of beauty is super awesome.  I love everything that I got from the deals.  Yes I got some more and will tell you all more about it in future posts.  Stay tuned for it.

Here is the Romantic palete:

I love their packaging.  It is always so pretty to the eye to see.

Pretty colors right? Love!

Here is the swatches (from left to right):
Soulmate         I do            Un-veil
Kiss the Bride Cut the Cake  First Dance
Bouquet Toss  Honeymoon   Ever After

Oh and see what I got when I purchase this Romantic palette at Ulta:  (a petite pouf!) it is the cutest thing!

Now onto others fantastic items that I bought shall we!

The Eye Love Palette

Here is how the palette looks like.

You see that indentation on my palette, yea well sometimes that happens.  I made sure my palette is is all well and not damaged.

Swatches from left to right:
Heaven    Silver Spoon  Satin Sheets     Honeymoon
Push-Up  Smolder         Like A Virgin   Ever After
 The palette comes with a deluxe sample of their famous eye primer:

 The awesome Shadow Insurance.

Aqua Bunny Cream to Powder Splash-Proof Bronzer.

I love their bronzer so I am so glad I got this in such a good deal.

It comes with a big compact mirror.  I love that their mirror comes with a positive note.

"Why be pretty when you can be gorgeous?"

nice quote right?

It also comes with a wide brush.  The brush is so soft.   I don't know how it could actually work though in term of picking up cream bronzer.  I have not used it so just by looking at it, I have doubt of its ability to actually pick up product and transfer it onto face.  We will see.

Now let's move on to these beautiful eyeliners:

My lovely glitter eyeliners!

Ah I am so in love with my Starry Eyed glitter liners.  So pretty. I have decided to buy the green one and others when the vintage sale is up which would be around December. :)  They are just too gorgeous to pass up.

I even love how they look side by side.  I should try to wear them one on each eye.  I wonder how that will look. Haha

Here is the swatches: (from top to bottom)
Drunk Dial

Super Freak

 The pretty Perfect Eyes in Perfect Peacock.

The smudging rubber tip and the nice pencil.

Last but not least my new found LOVE:

3 way Lash Lining Tool!  It truly works 3 ways PERFECTLY.  I have proven it.

Here is the back cover looks like.  It truly explains what you can do with this baby.

the wonderful 3 prongs looking eyeliner.  Great tool.

The color is so vibrant.  The black is just amazing.  I love it.

Well that is all for all the haul I have on Too Faced.  I will leave you with just showing a few pictures that I have from the Romantic palette and the look of the glitter eyeliner.

Here is look of the perfect peacock eyeliner combined with Drunk Dial eyeliner on top.

Romantic eye in Classic.

Romantic Eye in Classic.  My favorite look so far from this palette (from the 3 wonderful cards provided) but I do love all the 3 looks the cards provided.

This one is Fashion! I love how natural and subtle this look is.

Ok I just put this because I truly love how "Fashion" looks from above view.

Fiuh!! Wow that was a lot of pictures.  I hope you all like it.  I will post another post on my new baby, the three ways lining tools so be sure to check it out.
I will leave you all now with a "thank you for visiting" note.  Thank you for visiting!
Until next time.

ps.  I know the swatches placement was a little off and I will fix it, just not now.  I am too tired to do it.  Bear with me will ya. Thanks a bunch!


  1. Soooo many haul!!!

    The petite puff is uber cute!!

  2. I have watched your video, got the link from IBB, and again, I really like the way you talk! and ooh that blue glitter eyeliner is so prettyyy *__*

    I have never tried any Too Faced products, but I must say that the card thing is an awesome idea that should be applied to every eyeshadow palette lol. Most eyeshadows (that I've seen) don't come with an instruction, so sometimes newbies (like me) are clueless on how to combine the colors or where this color should be put on etc etc lol

    Sorry for my long comment and my poor English ^^; Looking forward to your new post!

    Have a nice day! xoxo

    1. Aww thanks dear for the complements. Yes i am in love with the blue glitter eyeliner too. So pretty.
      Yes those card things help. As far as instructions , i know Stila does those too but yes too faced palette always comes with 3 different looks.
      ITA those cards are convenient! Your english is not poor! Quite well actually and pls do comment away! I love reading comments

    2. Compliments not complements! Lol

  3. When you said "i wish i can get all the color.. i wish.. it's.. hhhhh~ i have to make desicion.." i just like "i know that feeling.." it happen everytime i want to buy nail polish.. =___=

    Anyway.. GREAT HAUL!!! i love your eye look <3 <3

    1. I know right! Dont u wish u can just take it all and not worried abt the cost lol

      Thanks so much for the complements!

  4. Aw..keren bgt haul Too facednya...
    too faced packagingnya memang elegant and yes so pretty...I love it...:)
    super great haul...

  5. kak ros, i kinda like your voice, it has a soothing effect :)
    banyak bgt ya haulnya,,aku juga mau kak >.<
    apalagi di mata kak ros itu keliatan bagus bgt eyeshadownya,,ngiler :O

    1. Haha iya ya? Soothing? I am glad u like the video n most importantly, the haul. I love them all!

  6. I lOVE those glitter eye liners!! Your eye makeup looks fabulous in the pictures, too! If I was younger I'd be wearing all this stuff.

    1. Oh i Know! I am so in love with glitter eyeliners! Thank you for your compliments :) there is no age limit to wearing glitter eyeliners now is there? ;) a subtle glitter eyeliner.

    2. @menopausalmama: You still can! Lol

      Nice meeting you all


  7. awww. im so jealous right now. i don't even have one of the things you used T_T love how you did your eyeliner :)

  8. I love the colors!!
    u look so pretty :)))

  9. I love Too Faced! My daily routine includes Too Faced Tinted Beauty Balm. Very nice :))
    Nice to meet you too!

    I'm Newbie

    1. Awesome! Yea I heard a lot about the TBB. I tried it too and it is really nice. Thank you so much and very nice to meet you too!