Monday, September 24, 2012

TOO FACED 3 Way Lining Tool

Hello everyone!

Yes I am back with yet another TOO FACED product. I know I know! again! yes just bear with me will ya.   You will love this product as much as I will.  I guarantee you. This time I really want to talk about this 3 way lining tool.  I love love love this product.  yes that is 3 times love.

It is amazing.   You will see why when you see these pictures.

This is the packaging:
(Front view)

It comes with black packaging and lovely engraved crown? I'd like to believe that looks like a crown.  right?

(Back view)

I love the description in the back of the packaging.  It is simple description but descriptive enough and with pictures nevertheless.  Awesome.

Lash Emphasizing.  I did this and OMGosh I can tell you, it truly works! Incredible invention.

Tight Lining.  I love how you can draw it along water line too.  How cool is that!

Eye lining.  My favorite! I love how vibrant the black in this eyeliner and the 3 prongs makes it so easy to line my eyes with  a great control.

This is how the actual eyeliner looks like.  It is a decent size.

See the three prongs looking felt.  One of the greatest invention.  Seriously.

One line.  See how great the line it makes with just one line.  I didn't even have to do another line on top and how bright and vibrant the color is.

See the 3 lines created from the 3 prongs? ohhh man creating a bold eyeliner is an easy task now, won't be too hard.
Sorry I totally forgot to do the dot part to show the dotting line.  My bad.

(Pls try your best to focus on just the eyeliner will ya so you don't get to freak out about this pic :) lol)
Ok this is an example of my eyes with just a pencil eyeliner.  ( Perversion by Urban Decay my favorite eyeliner pencil in the world!)
See how you can still see a lot of bare area in between my lashes that isn't touch by the pencil?

After I did lash emphasizing.  Can you see the difference? I seriously IN LOVE with this pen.  seriously! Did I say love? yes LOVE!

well this is without mascara and fake eyelash.

Here after mascara.  Yes i am one of the "lucky" ppl to get special short and not a lot of eyelashes.  Not complaining at all, i am just saying in case you notice it as well haha because that is why we have fake eyelashes.  another amazing invention! I am still working on putting those damn eyelash well enough to look nice on my eyes. LOL one day I will master it.

This is the look after fake eyelash is put on.  Notice the big difference? yes I know the fake eyelash helped but notice how black my eyelash looks like and actually quite natural looking because it just creates illusion of fuller lash.  (if you know what I mean)

Well now I just show the final look.  You have seen the picture on my previous Post so I am just posting it to show the final look.

See! It just gives me fuller natural look.  *singing* I LOVE IT!

This eyeliner will be the one thing I will always have in my purse now or shall I say diaper bag/purse. (as if I don't have enough stuffs in there) LOL

well I leave you all to it to judge about this eyeliner.  I truly love it very much and that is why I dedicated this one whole post to describing this particular eyeliner.

I believe Asian market also has this particular eyeliner pen.  I know for a fact that there is one and there is a blog post about it.  I read it and not so sure if I left a comment but now I am trying to find that link but I just can't seem to find it. So sorry.  I believe it is from Etude House? not sure.  Can anyone from help me with this? Haha

ps: oh one more thing.  I know you can use pencil eyeliner to do lash emphasizing such as using your pencil to draw it on your top waterline.  All I am saying about this product is that it is all packed in one pen.  no more using cream/gel eyeliner then pencil to draw waterline.  This pen does all the work and magic! :)

Thanks for visiting you guys! I love you all my sweet readers.  XOXO


  1. loveeeeee it!! Wish I could get it :(

    1. I know right! I so hope u can. Maybe one of thise online store will sell it soon. I hope!

  2. wow,, what a cool intense black ^^
    love it!!

    1. I know right! Intense! That is the word i was looking for. I was trying to think of intense and i can't seem to remember so I just kept on saying vibrant.

  3. Great tips!! Fun site looking forward to following along! XOXOXO

    Kristine The Foley Fam {unedited} Blog

    1. Thank you! I so love ur site too n ur baby is adorable.

  4. kak ros, i want that eyeliner!

    1. Oh Adel! I know. I so wish u can have one too.

  5. I love Too Faced so much! I use their eyebrow gel and eyebrow kit. XO Jill

    1. Me too! I am a fan of their product now :)

  6. Good tutorial! The eyelashes made a big difference.

    1. Thanks Lydia. I know right! Fake eyelash is one of the greatest invention for someone like me.

  7. I dont hv any idea how to use it before.
    Anyway good jobs for ur makeuppp,...
    Thnks for sharing

    1. :). Thank you catherine. Thanks for visiting.

  8. where can i find this product? I want i wantt.... aaaa