Friday, September 28, 2012

Anna Sui Fall Season Eye Look to Try.

Hello everyone!

Today I am not going to do any review, swatches or haul.  I am going to attempt to recreate the look that I saw in In Style magazine September 2012 issue which is more like a giant book instead of a magazine! haha you should see how thick this magazine is.  It is 652 pages long.  WOW.  Ok out of topic.  Anyway, on page 106 of In Style magazine, there is this Reader's Poll of Fall's Top Trend.  It asked about "The EYE LOOK you will most likely try this season."

Here is the picture:

54% chose Dramatic winged liner.
34% chose Sultry blue liner.
12% chose Statement making shades in wild hues.

The look that I am trying to re-create is the middle one.  I am also attempting to try to do her look as closely as I can to look like her.  This is just an attempt, my very first attempt so please let me know what you think about this? 

At first I was trying to do this and then a video tutorial but I didn't manage to be able to record the video because it took longer than I thought to re-create her look.  

Also pls note that I tried to style my hair to look like her hair but it is impossible lol because I just wash my hair and it was so fine that it refuses to be styled.  I just did the best I can for the picture's sake.  

This is the look that I did.

Now pls know that I am NOT as pretty as her! nor am I as skinny as her (damn isn't she gorgeous?)haha so I am just wanting to show the eyeliner of course and just try to look as closely to her face as I can.  I even try to make my lips a little smaller. hahaha 
As you can see that my brow bone is slightly higher than her and I try to do my eye brow like her and I guess I am using the wrong color.  In real life the color looks just like hers but I guess when I took the picture, It changes maybe because of the light.  
See my hair? It is horrible I tell ya.  I was trying, trying and failed.  :(  my hair just refuse to co-operate.
I do not have matte eyeliner so mine has glitters on it as you all know how much I love glitter.  I tried to top it with matte blue eye shadow but it is still showing. :(

Anyway, do let me know what you guys think.  I want to try to do other looks but I am gonna do it one step at a time hence, doing an easier look such as this.

That is all and I will end it with Thanks for visiting!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

September 2012 Glossybox

Hello everybody!

Sorry for the delay in posting blog and my video.  To be honest, I got a cold which was fine but I fell asleep 4 nights in a row. Ha ha.  I don't know how that happens because every time I said to myself, ok tonight I will film, then I took my baby to bed, I fell asleep with him.   Haha I guess my body is telling me to rest  so I just listened.

Here is the link to my Youtube video: (Oh you need to watch this.  It is super funny)

Well I will just show you what I got in my box:

GK HAIR  -  Moisturizing Shampoo           Price of Full Size: $20.00/10.1 oz

Nourished with plant extracts, this superior smoothing shampoo will purify and moisturize the scalp and hair.

GK HAIR - Moisturizing Conditioner            Price of Full Size: $20.00/10.1 oz

This gentle moisturizing conditioner puts the finishing touch on your tresses and leaves your hair smooth, radiant, and revitalized.

KRYOLAN FOR GLOSSYBOX  -  Moisture rich lipstick in GLOSSY pink  Price of Full Size:$14

Treat your lips to a creamy, long lasting lipstick enriched with Vitamin E to stimulate and hydrate your lips.  This perfect pop of GLOSSY pink compliments all skin tones and lifestyles.

MISSHA - M Perfect Cover BB Cream SPF 42         Price of Full Size: $29.99/1.69oz

This is the packaging.

Hailing from Korea, this Blemish Balm, also knows as BB Cream is a multi-tasking powerhouse for the face.  This multi-use cream provides light coverage,  soothes, protects, and moisturizes.

OC 8  -  Professional Mattifying Gel                        Prize of Full Size: $30/1.6oz

This is the packaging.

This innovative mattifying gel lets you get control of your shine all day long.  Clinically tested, this one of a kind gel keeps shine down while helping you achieve a fresh flawless even tone look for all skin types.

That is all I got in my Glossybox and you know what, I am seriously super stoked about all of them.  They are definitely product that I can use for myself and not have to worry whether it is for dry, oily or combination skin.  It is for all skin types.

I finally checked again and the shampoo as well as conditioner are full prize as well so I actually got about $100 worth of product.  I mean this is incredible.  That itself will make up for half of the money I spent for subscribing to glossybox and not to mention the box I received last month itself is close to $50.  With that said, all I can say is that I truly make up for the money I spend on glossybox and actually get more than what I paid for.  If you are thinking about glossybox and can't decide whether you should subscribe or not, you should.  Waste no time because you may miss the next awesome products with Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas month are coming, I am excited to see what I will get in my box.

Well that is all.  Until next time Y'all! Thanks for visiting.

Monday, September 24, 2012

TOO FACED 3 Way Lining Tool

Hello everyone!

Yes I am back with yet another TOO FACED product. I know I know! again! yes just bear with me will ya.   You will love this product as much as I will.  I guarantee you. This time I really want to talk about this 3 way lining tool.  I love love love this product.  yes that is 3 times love.

It is amazing.   You will see why when you see these pictures.

This is the packaging:
(Front view)

It comes with black packaging and lovely engraved crown? I'd like to believe that looks like a crown.  right?

(Back view)

I love the description in the back of the packaging.  It is simple description but descriptive enough and with pictures nevertheless.  Awesome.

Lash Emphasizing.  I did this and OMGosh I can tell you, it truly works! Incredible invention.

Tight Lining.  I love how you can draw it along water line too.  How cool is that!

Eye lining.  My favorite! I love how vibrant the black in this eyeliner and the 3 prongs makes it so easy to line my eyes with  a great control.

This is how the actual eyeliner looks like.  It is a decent size.

See the three prongs looking felt.  One of the greatest invention.  Seriously.

One line.  See how great the line it makes with just one line.  I didn't even have to do another line on top and how bright and vibrant the color is.

See the 3 lines created from the 3 prongs? ohhh man creating a bold eyeliner is an easy task now, won't be too hard.
Sorry I totally forgot to do the dot part to show the dotting line.  My bad.

(Pls try your best to focus on just the eyeliner will ya so you don't get to freak out about this pic :) lol)
Ok this is an example of my eyes with just a pencil eyeliner.  ( Perversion by Urban Decay my favorite eyeliner pencil in the world!)
See how you can still see a lot of bare area in between my lashes that isn't touch by the pencil?

After I did lash emphasizing.  Can you see the difference? I seriously IN LOVE with this pen.  seriously! Did I say love? yes LOVE!

well this is without mascara and fake eyelash.

Here after mascara.  Yes i am one of the "lucky" ppl to get special short and not a lot of eyelashes.  Not complaining at all, i am just saying in case you notice it as well haha because that is why we have fake eyelashes.  another amazing invention! I am still working on putting those damn eyelash well enough to look nice on my eyes. LOL one day I will master it.

This is the look after fake eyelash is put on.  Notice the big difference? yes I know the fake eyelash helped but notice how black my eyelash looks like and actually quite natural looking because it just creates illusion of fuller lash.  (if you know what I mean)

Well now I just show the final look.  You have seen the picture on my previous Post so I am just posting it to show the final look.

See! It just gives me fuller natural look.  *singing* I LOVE IT!

This eyeliner will be the one thing I will always have in my purse now or shall I say diaper bag/purse. (as if I don't have enough stuffs in there) LOL

well I leave you all to it to judge about this eyeliner.  I truly love it very much and that is why I dedicated this one whole post to describing this particular eyeliner.

I believe Asian market also has this particular eyeliner pen.  I know for a fact that there is one and there is a blog post about it.  I read it and not so sure if I left a comment but now I am trying to find that link but I just can't seem to find it. So sorry.  I believe it is from Etude House? not sure.  Can anyone from help me with this? Haha

ps: oh one more thing.  I know you can use pencil eyeliner to do lash emphasizing such as using your pencil to draw it on your top waterline.  All I am saying about this product is that it is all packed in one pen.  no more using cream/gel eyeliner then pencil to draw waterline.  This pen does all the work and magic! :)

Thanks for visiting you guys! I love you all my sweet readers.  XOXO

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Too Faced Haul

Hi everyone!

Just want to give you the detailed picture of my Too Faced haul.  My awesome haul.  Did I tell you I love them?  yea yea if you watch my video, I know I have said it a million time.  So here goes, just want to give you all the pictures and more swatches of them.  If you want to see what I say about this product, pls do go to my Youtube video and if you haven't already, pls subscribe to my video :) you support means a lot!

Here is the video: 

I got my haul from Ulta and Too Faced website.  I can tell you Ulta 21 days of beauty is super awesome.  I love everything that I got from the deals.  Yes I got some more and will tell you all more about it in future posts.  Stay tuned for it.

Here is the Romantic palete:

I love their packaging.  It is always so pretty to the eye to see.

Pretty colors right? Love!

Here is the swatches (from left to right):
Soulmate         I do            Un-veil
Kiss the Bride Cut the Cake  First Dance
Bouquet Toss  Honeymoon   Ever After

Oh and see what I got when I purchase this Romantic palette at Ulta:  (a petite pouf!) it is the cutest thing!

Now onto others fantastic items that I bought shall we!

The Eye Love Palette

Here is how the palette looks like.

You see that indentation on my palette, yea well sometimes that happens.  I made sure my palette is is all well and not damaged.

Swatches from left to right:
Heaven    Silver Spoon  Satin Sheets     Honeymoon
Push-Up  Smolder         Like A Virgin   Ever After
 The palette comes with a deluxe sample of their famous eye primer:

 The awesome Shadow Insurance.

Aqua Bunny Cream to Powder Splash-Proof Bronzer.

I love their bronzer so I am so glad I got this in such a good deal.

It comes with a big compact mirror.  I love that their mirror comes with a positive note.

"Why be pretty when you can be gorgeous?"

nice quote right?

It also comes with a wide brush.  The brush is so soft.   I don't know how it could actually work though in term of picking up cream bronzer.  I have not used it so just by looking at it, I have doubt of its ability to actually pick up product and transfer it onto face.  We will see.

Now let's move on to these beautiful eyeliners:

My lovely glitter eyeliners!

Ah I am so in love with my Starry Eyed glitter liners.  So pretty. I have decided to buy the green one and others when the vintage sale is up which would be around December. :)  They are just too gorgeous to pass up.

I even love how they look side by side.  I should try to wear them one on each eye.  I wonder how that will look. Haha

Here is the swatches: (from top to bottom)
Drunk Dial

Super Freak

 The pretty Perfect Eyes in Perfect Peacock.

The smudging rubber tip and the nice pencil.

Last but not least my new found LOVE:

3 way Lash Lining Tool!  It truly works 3 ways PERFECTLY.  I have proven it.

Here is the back cover looks like.  It truly explains what you can do with this baby.

the wonderful 3 prongs looking eyeliner.  Great tool.

The color is so vibrant.  The black is just amazing.  I love it.

Well that is all for all the haul I have on Too Faced.  I will leave you with just showing a few pictures that I have from the Romantic palette and the look of the glitter eyeliner.

Here is look of the perfect peacock eyeliner combined with Drunk Dial eyeliner on top.

Romantic eye in Classic.

Romantic Eye in Classic.  My favorite look so far from this palette (from the 3 wonderful cards provided) but I do love all the 3 looks the cards provided.

This one is Fashion! I love how natural and subtle this look is.

Ok I just put this because I truly love how "Fashion" looks from above view.

Fiuh!! Wow that was a lot of pictures.  I hope you all like it.  I will post another post on my new baby, the three ways lining tools so be sure to check it out.
I will leave you all now with a "thank you for visiting" note.  Thank you for visiting!
Until next time.

ps.  I know the swatches placement was a little off and I will fix it, just not now.  I am too tired to do it.  Bear with me will ya. Thanks a bunch!