Friday, November 30, 2012

A simple and Easy smokey look using beauty products you owned

Hello everyone!!

Today I am doing a tutorial on a smokey look using the products you already have in your beauty collections.  Yay! No need to buy new product and it is really pretty inexpensive as well as quite simple to achieve.   I hope you like the video it and pls do leave a comment so I know that you guys are liking the video or click on " like".   Better yet, subscribe to my videos and let me know what you want to see more in my future videos.  I will be more than happy to do a video request.

Click below to see more about my upcoming giveaway.  Yes it is here because I finally have 100 subscribers on my Youtube video.  YAY!!! Thank you so much for all the supports you all have shown me.  I am nothing without your supports.  I love you all so much and to show my appreciations to you all, I am giving away beauty products as as well as jewelry.  It really is going to be an awesome giveaway.  I did not post on my blog nor do videos for a week I believe because I am trying so hard on my very first giveaway.  Yes I am very nervous but excited at the same time.  I hope you all will participate in my giveaway and I wish you all the best luck!  Oh and it is going to be an International GIVEAWAY because I know I have some awesome supports from my international readers as well as subscribers so it feels really wrong of me if I didn't include you guys in it.  The giveaway will start sometime next week, yes I am sorry, I need more time so I hope you guys can be patient with me and understand.

Products I use in this video:

Revlon Color Whipped Foundation

Too Faced Chocolate Soleil for Bronzer
Nars Orgasm Blush

Eye brow: MAC Concrete

Too Faced eye shadow in Nice Ash
Wet and Wild Palette (Black Matte)
Urban Decay Perversion Eyeliner Pencil 24/7
Urband Decay Liquid 24/7 Liquid Eyeliner in Perversion

MAC lip pencil
Sienna Lip gloss in Sugar and Spice.

Here is the final look:

This is the up close look of the eye:

Here are some previews of the giveaway!

The sponsored JEWELRY giveaway:
This giveaway is sponsored by SEPHENE Jewelry.   I will post a blog about Sephene Jewelry next and you will see that her products are all hand made by her using 100% natural Silk.  The owner of this amazing products is a lady named Angela Desisca.  She, in my opinion, is a triple threat lady.  She is not only a business owner, she is also a blogger as well as makeup artist.  Woooahhhh I have no idea how she does it all but she does it all.  How did she find the time?  Ok back to jewelry giveaway,
So, instead of us picking the jewelry, Angela is very kind in letting the winner to pick one of your favorite from her collections so why don't you check out her collections already and pick your favorite. Here is the link to her jewelry page: SEPHENE JEWELRY

In term of beauty giveaway:
Have you guys seen the new Naked BASICS by Urban Decay? *gasp* I am in love.  Well I am in love with Urban Decay anyway lol it is no surprise that I, of course, have one.  So, my question is do you guys want the New Naked BASICS or the colorful Urban Decay Skull Palette. I guess you guys can pick whichever one you want and let me know when I post my giveaway.

The Tokidoki brush set will also be in the giveaway.  I did a review on this set.  You can check it out HERE
and 3 Tokidoki lip glosses will be included in the giveaway as well as some more stuffs that I am trying to get everything together.  I will post those in the upcoming post so pls be patient with me and stay tuned.

That is all at the moment and Thanks for visiting! XOXO

Sunday, November 25, 2012

November Birchbox 2012

Hello everyone! Happy Thanksgiving.

I have been missing for a few days.  The chaotic of Thanksgiving, packing, going out of town, feasting and just relaxing with the family made me become lazy.  So I am now back, YAY! and here to show you my November Birchbox that I receive a week ago.

Here is how it looks like when I open my box:

First you see of course, is the introduction card.

You can see the little book on guide for holiday gift 2012

Underneath the little book.  YAY!! my items.

1.  Atelier Cologne      Rose Anonyme Cologne Absolue              Full Price: $75-$195

Thanks to spicy ginger and a touch of bergamot, this sexy new rose scent is more sophisticated than sweet.  I tried this on me, it smells nice but too strong for me, well duh, it is a cologne.  LOL it probably smells a lot better on my husband than I.

Oh this is the post card that comes with the cologne.  It is quite artistic really.

2.  Miracle Skin Transformer       Vanish Instant Imperfection Corrector   Full Price: $58

Before applying makeup, prep skin with this serum-infused primer, which has optical  diffusers that mask imperfections.

3.  Oscar Blandi             Pronto Texture & Volume Spray         Full Price: $25

This light, nonsticky spray gives hair a voluminous, sexy, tousled look.  Spray from the ends to roots for best results.  It's great for updos, too!

4.  Stila       all over shimmer liquid luminizer                    Full Size: $20

Add a touch of this luminescent fluid to your cheekbones or decolletage, or mix it with your foundation for an all over glow.

Here is a swatch of it.  It is a really nice looking rose gold shimmer.  It is pretty for medium skin tone.  My swatch is only in my hand, (apologize about this), I will try this luminizer in my next video so you guys can actually see how it looks.

See how it just gives enough shimmers.  I think this will give a good glow.  Just enough and not too much.

5.  Chuao Chocolatier         7-pack Assorted ChocoPod             Full Size: $7.95

This is an extra from Birchbox.
These bite-size artisanal treats are made with premium Venezuelan cacao and come in a range of unexpected flavors.
I have never tried Chocolate and Chip mixed together so we shall see.  I honestly not sure if I want to try this lol.  I still have not touched it.

Well that is all I got from Birchbox.  This is all for now everyone.  Thanks for visiting! XOXO

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

MAC Urban Decay and Sephora HAUL and sneak peek of my upcoming giveaway

Hello everyone!

Today I just want to show you pictures and my Youtube video of my HAUL.  It is very difficult to resist shopping during holiday season.  A lot of website offer so many discounts on their product and those limited edition beauty product? *sigh* so pretty and too good of a deal to refuse.

Well here is the video to my Yotube video:

Here are the pictures of my Haul.  Let's start with MAC:

Glamour Daze Holiday Collection.

Fluidline Gel Liners:

Catch my Eye.  This eyeliner has such gorgeous taupe color

Little Black Bow. A pretty dark grey metallic.

Feminine Edge  (My favorite) A lovely pink color.

Extra Dimension Eye Shadows:

What a pretty blue right! "Divine Blue"  Such a perfect name for it.

Lovely pink huh.  "Stylishly Merry"

"Outrageously Fun"

Urban Decay Haul:

Honey.  It is this beautiful gold color.

Jet Set Duo: Rockstar and Oil Slick

Too cute right? I love the little sword engraved as well as the logo.

Sephora Haul:

The color is vibrant pink.  It is a sturdy compact brush holder with magnetic flap.

From left to right:
Foundation brush, concealer, angled shadow brush, smudge brush and eyeliner/eyebrow brush

Lorac Pro Palette

Gorgeous colors, don't you think? I love it.

The eye primer that comes with the Pro palette.

Too Faced Love Sweet Love palette.  I actually fell in love with the makeup case and eyeliner then I check out the rest.  Haha


I think this value box has a sample of great products of Too Faced.

I seriously love this color and it can keep plenty of beauty products in it.

The fluffy brush.  Their brush feels so soft and I am such a sucker for colorful brushes.

  Smoothing Face Primer.


Too Faced Famous Eye Shadow Insurance.

Too Faced Waterproof Eyeliner.  Awesome eyeliner.

I have never tried this mascara before so I can't tell you if this is a good product.  I heard a lot of mixed reviews on this. I am not much of a mascara girl though because I have no lashes really.  LOL I am totally envious of my boy's lashes.  #OOT

The Book/Palette. "Love Sweet Love"

Inside, there is a quote from William Shakespeare.
"When I saw you, I fell in love and you smiled because you know"

The book comes with 6 eye shadows, 2 blushes and 2 lip gloss.

All these samples was given to me at Sephora.  Awesome right? so many samples.  I love samples because I always go out of town to visit friends and families so it is easier to pack with samples.

Now for the promotion kit that I talked about in the video:
Remember the promo code is "ITKIT"
This is an awesome deal for sample and Sephora is doing this promotion only a few times a year (make up pouch with awesome samples)

The Classic Kit

The Make It Last

The Perfect Glow Kit

Last but not least:
Did you notice the bracelets I wear in the video, those bracelets are COURTESY from SEPHENE JEWELRY.  Go visit her page: Sephene Jewelry and if you want to check out her collections: click HERE.
If you like her collections, you can use promo code: rosdianalittleworld to receive 30% off . Isn't she nice? 30% off is an amazing discount.  When I first read it, my jaw dropped but hey I am very happy because all of you, my awesome followers are given an amazing deal.  Christmas is coming so go check out her collections and see if there is anything you like or want to give friends, and families a Christmas present or just a present.

In addition, Sephene Jewelry is sponsoring my upcoming giveaway (When I reach 100 subscribers) so go and check her collections.  I will post a blog in detail about Sephene Jewelry later on as well as giveaway.
Oh and there will be beauty products of course in the giveaway also so subscribe to my Youtube channel and we can start the giveaway soon. :)

Well that is all for now.  It is a lot of pictures so I hope you like it and until next time.  Thanks for visiting!XOXO

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Bath and Body Works Fall Mini Candle


Today I want to discuss Bath and Body Works candle especially fall mini candle that I received from Influenster Beauty Blogger VoxBox.  Who doesn't have Bath and Body works candles? They are so pretty and smells so nice.  I have always been their big fan.  I have my stash of candles stored in my room for when I need a lift for a better mood, I always reach into my Bath and Body Works candles.

This is the candle that I received in my Beauty VoxBox.

When I open my VoxBox, I can definitely smell something very strong coming out of the box.  It smells like men's cologne but lighter if you know what I mean.  It is strong but refreshing at the same time.  One thing I can definitely smell from the candle is lavender and I love lavender.

When I first read black pepper bergamot, I was like, hmm interesting...I never knew you can make black pepper as a scent but well, it exists lol. However, really the scent is quite nice.

Pretty don't you think?  I first thought the scent will be too strong for me but surprisingly, it is actually really light and I smell more lavender.  Lavender always calms me down.

I have always love watching a candle burn ever since I was little so when I feel like I want to be alone and not be bothered with anything, I just light a candle. put my feet up or lay down and relax.

I use this candle all the time however I didn't burn it all day.  I don't really like scented candle burns all day.  After awhile, my nose will complain lol.  I will burn the candle for an hour or two and then i will blow it out and do it again tomorrow.  This is why I don't finish my candle as fast as others will.

I also received a discount coupons for their 3 wick candles to purchase for only $10 and I bought 2 of them.    I bought 2 of their Fall 3 wick limited edition candles.  I love the scent and like I said, I have always been a fan of Bath and Body works products, not just candles but hand soap and body soap as well as car fragrances.

This is the candles I bought from the coupon I got in my VoxBox.  My holiday collections of candles.  They smell so good!!

Pretty Sweet Scented candles.  They are so pretty when I lit this in a dim light room.  There is something about watching a little fire burning in a candle that is so calming.

Well right now Bath and Body Works website is having a promotion $5 for their small candle.  It is not such a bad deal actually because you save $5.

I received this product as a complimentary from the Beauty Blogger VoxBox for review purposes.