Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Simple smoky look using drugstore brand New York Color (NYC)

Hello everyone,

In today's post, I just want to post a video of how to create a simple soft smokey look using drugstore brand, New York Color (NYC). Because so many of you like the simple smoky look that I posted in my post, HERE, many of you requested for the video tutorial of this look so here it is! I hope you like it and pls don't forget to subscribe :) I am so close to reaching 100 subscribers in my Youtube channel so if you have not subscribe, make sure you do for the reason that I am going to do a giveaway once I reach 100 subscribers.  For all of you who have followed me from the beginning, your support means the world to me and I thank you so much from the bottom of my heart! Pls know that I love you and appreciate everything! XOXO

Without further ado, here is the link to the video.  I hope you like it.

YSL Foundation
L'oreal True Match Blendable powder
Concealer: Erase Paste by Benefit in Medium

Brow: MAC Concrete

Cheek: MAC Gentile
           Too Faced Chocolate Soleil for bronzer
Lipstick: Glossybox in glossy pink and Sienna gloss in sugar and spice

Mascara: Badgal Lash
Fake Eyelash: KISS no 5

Eye pencils: Urban Decay Perversion
                   Too Faced lash lining tools

Thanks for visiting you guys! XOXO

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Influenster and Beauty Blogger VoxBox 2012

Hello everyone!

Today I want to talk to you all about Influenster and this beauty blogger voxbox that I received from this website.  I was super excited because it is my very first box that is related to my beauty blog.   Before I show you what I got in my beauty blogger voxbox,  I want to tell you guys a little bit about Influenster.

"Influenster is a place for culture junkies to come together and share their unique opinion of products and experiences.  Active members of influenster get exclusive access to deals, promotion, and swag from brands that thrive off the input (the good, the bad and the ugly -- they just wanna know what's up)  Influenster is a free to join community of invited trendsetter who live to give opinions of products and experiences.  Influenster creates links between brand and members to reward participation and influence future products" -- taken from influenster website.

Ok so you all know that interactive game SIMS, Influenster is pretty much like those interactive games except it is for beauty and products addict. Get it?  When you start you lifecycle with influenster, you start by unlocking what they call badges.  There are many variety of badges, nature, beauty, blushing bride, eco,  mother bear, collegiate, and so on.  You pretty much pick which badge that is most close to your heart.  If you are a beauty blogger like me, of course you choose beauty badge.  You can pretty much unlock most badges that you think you want to talk about, review or participate in.  It also has scoring system where you give reviews on products and if readers find your review helpful, they will give you thumbs up or down and this will determine your score among other things of course.  If you do a lot of social media and share your interaction on your social media, that will also add to your scoring number.  The higher your number is, the better chance for you to receive perks such as beauty box, or other program that you are demographically qualified for.  It is a fun website for bloggers and others to interact and discuss products they love.  To join the website, one will need an invite and each member are given 5 invitation to invite anyone who wants to join in so if any of you want to check out this website, send me an email and I will send invite for you.  It is a fun website to hang out with people who have the same interest as you and love writing review as well as trying out new products.

Now let's move on to Beauty Blogger VoxBox!
I receive an email from Influenster saying that I am one of the selected member to be receiving their Beauty Blogger VoxBox and all I have to do is fill out a survey.  The survey is pretty much ask me about what product I like or use in my daily routine, so simple, easy and quick.  I filled it out and I forgot whether it was the next day or two that I received a confirmation in the email saying that my VoxBox is shipped and I should be getting it in a week.  I was stoked! I mean I have never gotten anything like this before so getting one is like awesome.  Of course when I received my VoxBox, I could not wait to open it, haha so i made a video about it and the link is below.  Pls click to watch it, subscribe and like my video will ya (if you like me )


Here are the items I got in my VoxBox:

This is the card that is included in the voxbox that I received and  it pretty much provides me with the description of products that got in my box.

1.  NYC New York Colors Individual Eyes Custom Compact   $4.99

 This all-in-one compact comes with everything you need for a complete eye look: primer, illuminator, applicator, and complementing shadows.  With four colors, specially coordinated to intensify and enhance your eye color, you can create a look as individual as you are.  Make your eye pop!
I reviewed and create look from this particular product in my previous post. click HERE to read it.

2. Kiss Ever Pro Lashes Starter Kit: $5.99

Bring the salon home with this eyelash starter kit, complete with eyelashes, adhesive, and applicator.  This latex-free glue has a 24-hour hold, for lashes you  can bat all day and all night.  I will do a review on this lash in my future post so if you want to know more about this lash, stay tuned for my next posts.

3.  Bath and Body Works Mini Candles: $3.50

Mini but mighty! Bath & Body Works Mini Candles provide an amazing fragrance experience exclusively developed and tested by a team of Home Fragrance experts, including the world's best master perfumers.
I have always love Bath and Body Works product and their candles always smells so so good and heavenly.  I am so happy to be getting this new product and this candles is infused with lavender and I am a big fan of lavender scent so of course, I love the smells of this product.

When I first opened the box, I immediately smells something that just so lovely and nice.  My first thought was actually a fragrance mist which I also get in my box but as soon as I saw the candle, I knew that the smell comes from the candle.  What surprises me the most is that it says Black Pepper.  Never will I guess that the scent coming from this candle has black pepper ingredients in it but hey it is a good surprise as I tell you the smell is wonderful.  It truly represent Fall season.

3.  EBOOST: $28 for box of 20 effervescent powders.  $39 for box of 30 effervescent powders, $39  for box of 12 shots.

EBOOST will boost your mood, focus and immunity with natural ingredients and no crash.  As as shot or an easy-to-mix powder and in four flavors, you will feel great whether you choose Orange, Pink Lemonade, Acai Pomegranate, or Super Berry.
This drink will be good for me as I need it everyday to boost my energy to deal with my active children.

4. Goody Simple Styles Spin Pin: $7.29

Never have the time for a great updo? Not anymore! The Goody Simple Styles Spin Pin allows you to easily achieve three chic updo styles.  Simply twirl your hair up and spin the two Spin Pin in for a perfect undone bun, side bun or double bun.

I am excited to be getting this one because I have been wanting to try it.    I have not tried it but I will and I will let you all know what I think about this pin.

5.  Not Your Mother's Kinky Moves Curl Defining Hair Cream: $6 for full sized 4-oz bottle

Kinky Moves is infused with natural grape seed and jasmine to encourage natural curls and eliminate frizz and fly-aways.

I cannot do a review on this product because my hair is super straight and fine.  I am still happy that  I get this because I have friends who have curly hair and I am sure they can put this product to good use.  Win-win situation!

6.  Vitabath Fragrance Mist 

Vitabath presents a new line of lightweight Fragrance Mists in 16 fabulous scents.  This revitalizing, weightless formula is infused with conditioning vitamins and a unique antioxidant blend to keep your skin refreshed and happy.  Smells absolutely delicious with Vitabath/

This smells very vanilla-ey and sweet.

That is all I received in my VoxBox and all the product I received are full sized.  Awesome right :)  I love my VoxBox.  It is like Christmas on Halloween for me.  I love it.

Well that is all for now and thanks for visiting! XOXO

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

NYC New York Color IndividualEyes Custom Compact

Hello everyone!

Today I want to talk about this little palette of dark shadows I got from my Influenster "Beauty Blogger's Vox Box 2012."  My very first beauty blogger's vox box so YAY.  I will explain about this in my later post.  I truly apologize about this.  It is because I have not finished editing the video of what  I got so I figured I will review this palette first then will talk more about the Vox Box itself in the next post.

Anyway, I got this dark shadows palette in the Vox Box and this will be my very first experience with New York Color brand.  I have never own any of NYC palette before so I am very excited to try this.  Another bonus about this palette is that this is their limited edition.  I love limited edition items.  You can visit their website to view more colors of their IndividualEyes Custom Compact at http://newyorkcolor.com/

Here is what the palette looks like:

The packaging is simple.  I love the fact that they have a plastic cover inside with label on where to put the specific colors.  The palette also comes with a primer (great bonus) and an illuminator (another awesome bonus) two thumbs up for NYC to include this two extra bonus in the palette because now you can easily carry just this palette without having to worry having to buy another primer because you forget yours at home.  No longer worried if you have this palette.  Simply thoughtful right?

I love how it has a plastic cover on top that describe where to put the shadows.  This is great for those are just learning on how to put makeup on.  It makes  putting eye makeup to be a little easier.  I also love the fact that the plastic cover can protect the shadows from going places in the palette (slightly helpful but not much because as you can see the darkest shadow actually manage to creep its way to illuminator and make it look so dirty.  This probably doesn't bother people but it irks me so bad when my shadows touch other shadow and it irks me the most especially when it touches the creamy part  of the palette such as this. (ie the illuminator)

Closer look of the palette.  The colors is actually pretty nice.  All of them are shimmery.

This is the primer and illuminator.  Ok I didn't try to clean it because I am afraid that it will get worse with my fingerprint being in there.  :( It came like this when I open my Vox Box)

This is how the back looks like.  The bottom paper looks like it ripped because it is.  I tried to lift it because that is what it said if I want to see the step by step even though I know it (the tutorial) looks exactly like the picture on the outside cover.  I tried anyway hence the ripped paper.

A closer look of the picture for the tutorial on easy way to put the eyeshadow on your eyes.

This is the swatches of the illuminator on the left and the primer on the right.

This is the swatches with the primer provided in the palette.  The color description from left to right:
The colors on the far left is the darkest one in the palette and as you can see it looks quite dark but honestly, it actually not as pigmented as it looks in the palette.  I have to actually pat quite a few times to get to the desired look that I like.  It actually works in my favor because I like to start light then go darker and darker however I know some consumer like it to be pigmented and this darkest color isn't one.  The second color from the left is the contour color and I find that one to be the most pigmented than the rest. The rest of the colors needed to be patted a few times before I get the desired consistency that I like.  The highlight color on the far right is the second most pigmented.  The all over lid color is the second least pigmented, the darkest one to be the least pigmented.

This is the swatches with no primer.
As you can see on the far left, the colors here are quite different than the top.  The primer truly helps bringing the colors out especially with the darkest color.  You can also see how the contour color which is the second color from the left looks pigmented.  I only did one swipe on my hand and it shows.  The all over lid and highlight are showing quite well.

This is the look I did based on the tutorial diagram.
The only thing I did different was my left eye use the primer provided by the palette but I didn't put it on my right eye because I wanted to see how the color turned out and will it last. However, I then realized that I use BB cream so my right eye of course will have primer just not specifically for eye but primer nevertheless.

This is the complete look:

I put this makeup on at 5 o'clock to get ready to go dinner with my family and to test out how long will this eye shadow last because I heard drugstore product tends to fade a little faster than high end product.  I wanna see if it is true or not so I put it to the test.

6 hrs later (Took this picture around 11ish pm):

I notice that my lids both are starting to get oily which is why if you look at the picture closely, you can tell that they look slightly different.  They don't look as matte looking or flawless looking as the first time I put it on.  The colors still stay and looks great though despite me feeling oily lids and worrying that it will smudge or fade off. The colors stay for the most part.  I notice a hint of fading on the middle of my lid, very little though so if I didn't pay attention, no one will even know it.  I also did not do any retouch on the eye shadow or blot the oil because as I said earlier, I want to test to see whether or not the colors are going to fade away.

10 hrs later. (Took this around 3ish am)

Yes I was staying up because I was editing a video. My eyes starting to feel heavy (not just because I was sleepy but because I have fake eyelash on as well as the oil all over my eyes,  I can feel them and usually I use powder to make get rid of the oil but I didn't this time so it just started to get uncomfortable.  The colors started to fade away too but not much, just slightly. I notice if I look closely I can see the naked skin in the area around the middle of my eye.

Here are the pictures of the eyes:

Just finished putting the makeup around 5pm.

6 hrs later.

10 hrs later. Sorry I forgot to take a picture of both eyes so I just do it with the picture of each individual eye.  (I blame it on being tired because I was very tired) See as I said, it fades a little but not much and look on right eye's picture, you actually can see a little bit of my flesh there without the cover of shadows. haha

now here is the full look of the picture and you can see by the end of the picture, I was tired lol

Just did the makeup.

6 hrs later

10 hrs later.

So in all honesty, this is a good palette.  I am surprised with the result but happy at the same time.  The colors are pretty and to create a soft smokey look is so easy and simple as well as dramatic look for girls' night out, party or event.  

Disclaimer:  I received this product complimentary from Influenster in a beauty Vox Box  for testing and review purposes.

You can get this product for the price of $4.99 at any drugstores and grocery stores such as CVS,Walgreen, Target, Walmart.

Well that is all for now everyone.   Thanks for visiting! :) 

Saturday, October 20, 2012

October Birchbox (Collaboration with GOOP)

Hello everyone!

Weekend is here.  YAY.  Before I start this posting on my October birchbox, I just want to say "Happy Birthday to my boys! I love you both so so much! Thank you God for allowing me to be a mother"  I will be celebrating my boys birthday later on this afternoon.  My oldest will turn 5 and the little one will turn 1.  Oh how time flies so fast.  It seems like just yesterday I was giving birth to my baby and now he is turning 1 and my oldest son was still asking for me to carry him everywhere we went and now he walks in front of me and calling me a slowpoke most of the time.  *Sigh*  Can I have them stay little for a little bit longer? I do have a blessed life, Thanks be to God for all His blessing on my family.

This is the latest picture of my boys and I taken by my friend, Susanna. (Thanks Girl! You are awesome!) I love the picture.   I rarely have a good picture of my children and I only because I usually the one taking the picture so it is nice to have someone taking this picture of us.

So anyway, let's move on to October Birchbox!

Here is the link to the video: (pls click and don't forget to subscribe!)


Here are the lists of what I got in my Birchbox.  Birchbox collaborated with Goop this time around and we actually get to pick beforehand on which box we would prefer to receive.  As I said in the video, I was late in responding so I am not quite sure which box I actually receive because the email noted that even if you choose to receive regular October Birchbox, you can still receive Goop edition Birchbox in the end.  ( This is usually to calm the nerve of a "dammit I forgot to reply that I want the special box and now it's too late" person such as ME) haha *bummer*

1.  essie  Goop Pick              Full Size:  $8

Between the cheeky names and the on-trend hues, essie can do no wrong.  You can wear this classic shade all season.

2.  Jouer  Lip Enhancer      Full Size: $14

This best-seller give you the moisturizing punch of a balm with the satiny finish of a gloss.  I actually tried this already and yes it is nice.  It feels like having a gloss.  It has a scent that I am not too fond of though, however I am just really sensitive to scents on lipstick, lip balm or glosses.  Others may not have this problem at all.  It is not that bad, I can still bear with it.

3.  Kiehl's    Rosa Arctica Eye       Full Size: $46

Conquer dark circles with this brightening eye balm, which is made with collagen-boosting resurrection flower extracts.

4. Supergoop!    City Sunscreen Serum            Full Size: $20-$42

Wear this award winning brand's silky SPF 30 serum under your makeup for a weightless UV shield.

5.  LUNA       Lemon Zest                Pack of 15, $18.75

This zesty snack are a goop favorite.They are perfect for keeping you full in between meal (plus they can double as healthy dessert)  I will tell you what I think about this. I am not really a "bar treat" kinda person.  This bar was recommended to me when I was pregnant but I was always hesitant to try.  Well now I get it so I am going to try it.  I will update you on this soon. lol

Well that is all I receive from my October Birchbox.  I am still happy with the box because I got Essie nail polish.  I really was hoping I get the Beauty Blender mini sponge but I didn't so I am hoping Birchbox will give Beauty Blender again in the future.  *crossing my fingers*

Thanks for visiting guys and now I am off to La La land because I have an awesome, amazing special party to attend tomorrow.  Until next post! Ciaoooo

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

No Mirror Makeup Challenge.

Hello Everyone!!

In today's post I am just going to show you the video that I uploaded.  It is a video about using no mirror to do your makeup.  It has been going on around for quite some time and I have been tagged by fellow bloggers to do this.  I honestly was afraid to do this challenge because I was so afraid that I am going to mess up so badly that I won't have the courage to upload the video haha.  My sister also has been bugging me to do this video but she meant it in a nice way.  She really wants to push me out of my shell  and just go do it.  It is not until I saw another fellow youtuber doing this and she was encouraging me to do it that I finally said to myself oh what the heck.  If I mess up, at least I will be entertaining my viewers right? All of you out there who I adore and love because you watch my videos and support me so why not entertained you guys in return.  So here it is and I truly hope you enjoy it.  I didn't do as well as I want to honestly :( but oh well.

Honestly, I truly enjoyed doing this video.  It was such a great challenge and way to recognize every little part of my face.  The detailed that I never even think I knew, I actually knew!  In addition, it really heightened my senses especially my sense of touch.  I felt the stroke of the brushes, pencil but at the same time the suspense of not knowing whether or not I drew my face right was so much fun.  Haha

Well you will be the judge of how I did in my challenge and I challenge all of you even if you are not a youtuber, have fun in your own comfort to challenge yourselves to do this.  Trust me, you will honestly enjoy and be entertained by yourselves in this challenge.  If you want to video it and upload it on youtube for the world to see and join the rest of the youtuber who have done this challenge whether they did it well or failed, go right ahead.  Why not entertain the world right? well of course this is your decision to make.  :)

Well without delaying much longer, here is my video and pls comment below or in my youtube and let me know how I did. You be my judge, C+, B-, D ? You tell me.  Oh and if you like my video, pls don't forget to subscribe.  Your support means the world to me and I truly appreciate it which is why if you have any request at all, I will try my best to do it.

Products I use:

Primer  (Feels like skin base)
Mischa BB Cream
MAC Studio Fix
Benefit Erase Paste concealer
Ofra brow pencil

Eye love palette in Naked Eye (Satin Sheets and Like A Virgin) by Too Faced.  I added Ever After in my outer lid just for the fun of it LOL
Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Pencil in Perversion

MAC mineralize blush in Gentle
Too Faced Chocolate Soleil

Perfectly Pink by Glossybox (I love this pink! such a perfect pink for me)
Sienna Duo Lip Gloss that I received in my Glossybox.
I hope you enjoy it! Thank you for visiting.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Urban Decay The Vice Palette and EOTD

Hello Everyone!

How are you all doing? I want to apologize for not posting for about a week.  Honestly I think my body was just telling me that I need some rest because every night for 5 nights in a row I was literally fell asleep while putting my little one to bed.  I was asleep with him. Ha Ha so of course with that, I got nothing done.  I only do my blogs and videos at night when my boys are asleep because that is the only time for me to be able to get things done without having to worry about them or their needs.  Then, when I was about to start writing a new post, my husband is missing our "date" time so he literally just took me and said drop everything, we are going on a date.  Hence, I dropped everything and just went with him on a date.  Again, nothing done. However, my health, my body, and my family are the most important thing in my life so I have to listen to them first, don't you agree?  I hope all you truly understand.  :)

Well without further ado, I want to show you in this post the new amazing holiday palette from Urban Decay.  It is called The Vice.  I am sure most of you have heard about the buzz regarding this palette.  It is 20 brand spanking new colors all put in one palette.  All 20 of them and the colors as always are superb. Urban Decay holds true to its image, brand and promises.  It is unlike their previous palette where they will put a few new colors and the rest are repeat colors.  This palette has all brand new colors in them that packed on amazing pigmentation.

Why don't I just show you the pictures of these gorgeous colors alright?

This is how the palette looks like.  I forgot to take off the white cover that protect the logo.  Sorry :(  The logo comes in this beautiful crystallized UD for Urban Decay logo and purple felt palette cover.  It is lovely and nice because when you put this palette on a table, it won't slide off the table.  It is also comes with a button where you just push it and the top will slowly open on its own.  How cool is that? No longer have to open it ourselves and sometimes accidentally drop them. Oh I hate when that happens.  This new packaging is awesome, just put it on your table or vanity and push the button, voila! it opens slowly with this huge mirror ready for you to use.  Awesomeness! However, with felt packaging, as we all know it, it is also very easy to get dirty.

This is how all the lovely colors packed into one palette:

Simply gorgeous don't you think?

I will show you the colors one by one now :) as you can see personally close up of all the beautiful colors this palette gives.

This is Desperation.  It is a greyish taupe brown matte-satin.  This is a great blending color too for your crease.

This is Muse.  Love the name. A dark reddish brown with golden and multidimensional shimmer.
Pretty for everyday natural look.

This is Jagged.  Every time I see this, it reminds me of "Move like Jagger" song. Haha I know it is different but the name s quite similar.
It is a matte black base with gold metallic.  Enough said.  Anything gold always look nice.  This is great for everyday smoky eye.

Hey Blitz here!  This is a bright gold metallic.  Perfect to use on your inner lids especially during the holiday.  Simply pretty.

Hello I am Penny Lane.  Nice to meet you.  LOL Penny Lane is a bronze metallic with gold glitter.  This is perfect for Fall make up.  It is bronze yet metallic.  So pretty.

This is Junkie.  Oh I love Junkie. I first fall in love with this color from the 24/7 glide on pencil.  So gorgeous.  It is one of my favorite color pencil of all time.  Junkie is a dark green-blue with gold shimmer.  The color is so unique but so beautiful at the same time.

This is Chaos.  Chaos is vibrant royal blue with subtle shimmer.  It is vibrant alright!  I create a look with this color and love it so much.  I will post the picture below.

This is Unhinged.  It is electric turquoise blue metallic.  You guys know how much I love turquoise.  This color is so stunning.   I combine this with Chaos, they are perfect for each other.  They literally compliment each other.

This is Occupy.  Occupy is dark grey-blue metallic.  Very pretty for smoky eye look.

This is Black Market.  I love the name.  It makes this color looks so dangerous, mysterious yet incredible at the same time.  It is a dark charcoal black matte-satin.  Perfect for any smoky look you want to create.  A little goes a long way. Love it!

This is Provocateur.  Ohh sounds so sexy, dangerous yet dirty at the same time. Don't you think? Provocateur is light greyish pink with lots of multidimensional glitters.  You guys know how much I love glitter.  I use this in the inner lid to highlight and showcase the eye look I create.

This is Rapture.  Rapture is dark greyish purple with lots of multidimensional shimmer.
This is simply just a pretty light purple.

This is Vice.  Vice is a dark eggplant with red shimmer.  So pretty and vibrant.  I am looking forward to create purple eye look with this color.

This is Noise.  It is a dark reddish pink metallic with big gold glitter.  Oh how do I express how much I love this color.  It is like woodstock but better.  It has gorgeous glitter in it that just shows up so well when you put it on your lid.  I love it.

This is Armor.  Armor is greyish brown metallic with silver micro glitter.  Simply lovely don't you think?  Suits its name.  It literally remind me of a shield, if this makes sense to you guys.  lol

This is Nevermind.  Nevermind is a light taupe brown shimmer.  This is a great highlight color for your brow bone and cheeks.

This is Echo Beach.  Echo Beach is light wheat-champagne shimmer.  This is also great for highlight. You can even use this to create a 3D look for your lip.  Stunning.

This is Anonymous.  Anonymous is light whitish-pink nude matte.  Use it to highlight your brow bone and inner lid or to create a "no makeup look"

This is Free bird.  Free bird is a light peachy pink with a silver micro glitter.  A great color for highlight or to add a little shine to your eye look.

Last but not least, this is Laced.  Laced is a pinky taupe matte.  I love this color.  It is such a pretty color to create natural makeup look especially for "Makeup no makeup look"

The palette also comes with a double ended brush  which I am so totally love.  I know a lot of people prefer the 24/7 pencil to be in it but honestly, if you like their pencil, most likely you already have a stash of collections in your closet but I bet you don't have their full brushes collection unless you are a die hard UD fans. With that said, I believe it is more appropriate and convenient to have their brushes in the palette so you don't have to worry about not having the tool to use the palette (when travelling.)

Here are the swatches:

This is the first and second row:
Desperation, Muse, Jagged, Blitz, Penny Lane
Junkie, Chaos, Occupy, Unhinged, Black Market

This is the third and fourth row:
Provocateur, Rapture, Vice, Noise, Armor
Nevermind, Echo Beach, Anonymous, Freebird, Laced

All these colors are superb.  I love this palette so much.  I have been playing around with these palette pretty much all week.  Here is one of the look I created using this palette.

The Full Look:

Start with UDPP, then I took Desperation to define my crease.  I then use Nyx Milk jumbo pencil all over my lid then add Unhinged on the inner and outer lid.  I add Chaos in the middle lid.  Then I took Black Market on the outer lid to create the smoky look.  I finished the look by lining it with perversion 24/7 pencil.  On the bottom eye, I use unhinged and junkie combined for the outer lid and nyx jumbo pencil in baby blue for the inner lid.  I use Perversion as well for the waterline.  For the brow bone, I use Anonymous.

I just love the Blue.  Thank you UD for making this palette and the amazing colors.

I seriously love this look so much, I actually use this to go to the opening of our very first Casino in our town.  Let's just say the look lasted all day and I get lots of compliments from the ladies. Holla!!!

From another angle.

Well that is all from me then on this post.  I hope you guys love this palette as much as I do as well as the look I created with this palette.  Thank you for visiting! XOXO

To purchase this palette, you can visit Urban Decay, Sephora, and Ulta

Until next time!