Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Lime Crime Magic Dusts

Hello everyone! How was your weekend? I had not so fun weekend just for the fact that my baby is sick with a fever and I am not so sure what caused it.  So we will make an appointment with the Pediatrician on Monday.

Well enough about that, let's talk about what I am going to post here today.  It is the Lime Crime Magic Dust.  Before I tell you about the Magic Dust, let me start with the background of Lime Crime Cosmetics.

It all started with a girl's dream, a make up artist and unicorn queen, Doe Deere. She teamed up with a group of chemist to create the kind of make up for a girl that is feminine in appearance and theatrical in nature.  Lime Crime's mission is to break up the stale beauty ideals with fashion forward shades and unmatched color payoff so you can create a look as vivid and unique as you are.

Lime Crime is a vegan and cruelty free company which means they will never test their product on animals and most of their product are vegan.

Well now onto magic dusts. Lime Crime right now is having their "we are discontinuing this product" sale because I believe they are trying to put magic dusts shadows into pressed eye shadow due to the increasing demand from their customers to change magic dusts to pressed eye shadow.

I love the look of their packaging.  It is so pretty and fun.  The color of the packaging is also purple which I am a sucker for hahaha ie, Urban Decay.  Their packaging has Unicorn on it.  How cute is that!  I first heard about Lime Crime when I watch Vlog about IMATS (International Make Up Artists Association) and I heard good things about the product so I went and check the website then of course as soon as I see SALE, boy I have to get it before it is gone.

Now onto the picture and swatches:

Here is what their logo sticker looks like (It comes with the products you bought):

Here are what I got in my package:

yes all 10 of them lol

Here is the packaging

This is the container that holds the product.  Cute right!!!  Love it.

 Here are the product with the swatches of the colors.  Left without primer, right with primer.

Circus Girl is a bright golden yellow like a daffodil. I have never have yellow in my eye shadows collection, so I am actually excited over this one.

Empress is  such a gorgeous vibrant royal purple.  I believe this is what they call a blue base purple.  It looks purple but bluish if you know what I mean.

Siren is a stunning warmth red with metallic finish.  I am very happy I got this color.  I know that if I don't put it right, it will turn out horribly however I saw a tutorial awhile back that uses red as shadow on the bottom eye, I am in love and have been wanting to try so I am going to experiment with this color.  It is such a pretty red.

Shoe addict is a vibrant true blue.  This blue is soooo amazing.  I just love the color.  It so pigmented,vibrant, pretty, shiny.  It just  beautiful.  I was trying to show how it looks wet hence the third swatch on the right.

Diva is a beautiful warmth metallic bronze.  This is so perfect for everyday eyes.  It will brighten your eyes and look so gorgeous with the shimmers it gives.

Cupcake thief is soft pink with beautiful glow.  This picture does not do justice of how pretty this pink is.  I tried to take more pictures but it just didn't turn out the way it supposed to look.  It is very beautiful and can be used as a highlight in the inner corner. So so pretty.

Top Hattie is a pure shimmery white.  This is another one that is perfect for your inner lid highlight.  The color is so bright.

Twilight is soft lavender purple with twinkles of violet.  It is so beautiful, really good for everyday look. So sorry about the red color in the picture.  I was running out of space.

Mirror Mirror is a reflective silver with iridescent shimmers.  This is just such a good looking silver. The shimmers it offers is superb.  A good color to use for night out.

Lime criminal is Lime crime's signature bright lime green and when they say bright, they mean bright. My picture really doesn't capture the brightness of this color but very pretty nevertheless.  I truly love this color because it is just gorgeous.

I only manage to get 10 colors in the selection of 16 beautiful vibrant colors because they are SOLD OUT.  Lime crime is having their sale on this product because they are discontinuing it so if you like any of this colors, pls do hurry go to their website, Click HERE (Lime Crime) because once they are sold out, you won't be able to get it anywhere else.  I regret that I didn't get it when I went to their website the first time because they still have all 16 colors.  I went back a week later, 6 are gone. :(

All these loose eye shadows are so so pretty and as I said previously, the pictures that I took really does not do any justice to how beautiful the colors are in real life.  You have to really put it on your skin to know what I mean when I say they are vibrant, gorgeous, pigmented colors.  It will definitely compliment any eyes that wears it.  Plus, they are vegan and cruelty free so you know that this product does not harm anything in its making.  (for those of you who are animal lover such as me)

I cannot wait to experiment this colors on my eyes so I will do a make up look on this and will post the picture of it soon. Keep on checking.  I just went to their website again to check and most of the colors are low on stock now so if you like what you see, pls do go and get them before it sold out.  Here is the link once again, Lime Crime

Thank you for visiting!

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