Friday, August 10, 2012

Awesome Nail Repair

Hello everybody!

Today I want to let you all know about this awesome wonderful product that has saved my fingernails from being cut short.  I never knew such a product existed until I read a fellow blogger's blog (she specializes in nails.)  I am quite happy that I can keep my medium length fingernail.

The product I am talking about is called Orly Nail Rescue.  In three easy steps, you will have your lovely nail back.  I am so happy with this product and cannot believe I didn't know about this until now.  I typically will have to cut my nails short because of one broken fingernail to make the rest of my fingernails even looking.  Well with this product, I did not have to cut it short anymore! I love it.

This is how it looks like when you are looking for it in any beauty store.

Orly Nail Rescue comes with three items in the box: nail glue, nail repair powder, and nail file.

This is what my broken or bristle fingernail looked like:

Now you see what I mean. Usually, I have no choice but to cut it short .  However, now that I have my magic nail potion as I call it, ha ha, I can have my longer nail intact.  YAY.

All you have to do is follow these three steps:
First, brush the nail glue on the broken/damaged nail.

Second, dip your nail (the one with the glue)  in the nail powder for 10 seconds.  Tip: If you are fixing an uneven area on your nail, you will want to repeat the process using the glue on the lower section.  This is ONLY to even the nail surface.

Third, remove the excess powder and then file the excess hardened powder so your nail will look like brand new again.

Once you file and buff your nail, it will look as if nothing ever happened to your nail.  Awesome right? That's why I call it my Magic nail repair.

 Ta Da!!! The "nothing ever happened to my nail" picture. Lol

You will have a nail that is ready for polish again.  See!

This product is available at any beauty store such as Ulta and Sally Beauty Supply.  The price of this wonderful product is $9.  It may seem like a lot, however this will last you for awhile because all you need is a little bit each time.  You can repeat the steps again to make sure your nail is back to your satisfaction.

P.S. Soaking your repaired nail in Acetone will remove the hardened powder so you MUST use a non-acetone nail remover when removing your polish.

I hope this helps all of you if you ever have a problem with your broken nails.  Have any of you ever used this nail rescue before? How do you like it? If you have any other tips to using this product, please share!
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  1. Rose- have you tried Sally Hansen's insta dri top coat? It's life changing! It dries your nails in 30 seconds and it actually works...

  2. is it really?? oh wow! yea i gotta try that because anything that can dries and work perfectly in 30 secs, I HAVE to get. Thanks Amanda for the info! def will get it.

  3. Thanks Amanda for the suggestion. We definitely do not have enough cosmetics and beauty products at our home and can always use some more.