Monday, August 20, 2012

Make Up Forever La Boheme Spring 2012 Palette

Hi Everyone!

Tutorial on the look for MUFE La Boheme Spring 2012.

Today I want to show you guys this beautiful palette from Make Up For Ever (MUFE).  As you all know, Make Up For Ever is one of the best cosmetic company out there that produce beautiful shades of eye shadow, foundation and anything beauty related.  Also, every time MUFE comes out with their palette, you can bet that it is sold out soon after it is released.

Anyway, I first saw this palette in Indonesia, my home country last February.  I love the colors so much and wanted so badly to get my hands on it immediately.  However, I also know that import tax plays a big role in determining the price of foreign product such as MUFE.  I decided to wait until I get back to United States to purchase the palette. A decision that I did not regret for once. YAY.  Not only that it is available but it was on sale for $25.  Of course as soon as I saw that it was on sale, I ordered it immediately.

I am absolutely in love with this palette.  It is beautiful shimmery 6 different amazing eye shadow.  You can use this palette wet or dry.  When used dry, the eye shadows creates a softer look and when used wet, it will creates a little more intense vibrant color.  I find it brilliant because it gives you the option to do different kind of  looks that you want from 6 simple eye shadows.  To some people, it is a little too sheer for them when it is used dry however I find it perfect because there are times when you want to just have makeup but not looking so made up, then this palette is perfect.

Here is the picture of the packaging.  I love the packaging.  It really is so pretty and just colorful.

Here is the look of the palette inside:

Aren't they just gorgeous? I fell in love with this palette as soon as I laid my eyes on it and am very happy that I own it.  The colors are just so pretty.

Here is the swatches of them (DRY) :

From Left to right:
Vert Lagon/Lagoon Green Vert Nature/Vegetal Green Beige/Beige
Violet Parme/Parma Purple Marron/Brown Corail/Coral

Pretty don't you think? I love all the colors but I really can't get enough of the purple and turquoise.  It just so pretty in real life.

Here is the swatches of them (WET):

Do you notice the difference? It looks more enhanced and vibrant.

This is the look I created using MUFE La Boheme Palette:

Close up eye look.

Close up look of the eye shadows

Close up look of the eye "look"

The complete look!

 What do you guys think? I truly like it. I can see myself using this palette for everyday FUN look. The great thing about this palette is that it comes in many different colors however those colors truly compliment each other. If you are the type of person who like your eye look to be "sheer natural" - "No Makeup" makeup look then this palette is definitely perfect for you.  If you decide that you want to use for a night out, you can definitely intensify it by using it "Wet."  Isn't it great?

If you like this palette, it is still available at Sephora (ON SALE) for $25. Go get it before it is gone :)

What do you guys think? Leave me a comment :) I truly hope you like this.  Thanks for visiting!


  1. Luv the packaging to the max!!! Hehe

  2. I agree! Isn't it? It is just gorgeous. simply pretty.

  3. Warnanya cantik2 banget! Apalagi yang biru sama pink nya itu >_< Plus shimmery pula, eyecatching >_<

    1. I know right!! Yea the pink is so great for allover lid and the blue one ahhhh love it.. :) the shimmers truly are gorgeous. and you are right, they are eyecatching. thanks for watching :) if you like it, i will do some more tutorial so pls subscribe. thank you so much!

  4. the colors are really nice <3
    love them

    1. thank you Jessie!! I totally agree. :)

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    1. Hi Catherine! I went and looked her up. Haha Thank you so much. I can see what you mean. Thank you so much for the compliment. At least I think you said both of us and not just her..Nevertheless, thank you so much for visiting :)

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    1. thank you! of course. I will def do that.

  7. yaa.. beautiful!
    aku belum bisa ni pake make up gituan,.,. pake eyeliner aja masih clepotan :(

    1. Susan! iya ya!! thanks ...bisa kok. in time you will. all it takes is practice. Eyeliner is very tough to practice because if you make a single minute mistake, it is done, you have to reapply lol plus it depends on the brush sometimes so you have to really be careful with it. so no worries. In time love! you will know how to do it and do it so well.

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    1. Thanks Cikey! I will! Thanks so much!