Monday, August 27, 2012

My very first Award

Hello everyone!

Today I want to let you all know about my very first award.  Gasp! (Remember my small (sipit) eyes grew so big when I read about how much my Ellis Faas cost? yea that's how big my eyes got and shocked I was that I got nominated) HAHA if you didn't see it click "HERE" I am so excited when I read my name being nominated (twice).  I am still very new to blogging and super excited that people are reading my blogs and actually liking it.

So I am being nominated first by Miss Lalaluna and second by Miss CiKey Kim.  Thank you so very much to both of you who have nominated me.
If you want to see their blog, pls do! Click "HERE (Lalaluna) and "HERE (CiKey Kim)

This picture is from Lalaluna page.

This picture is from CiKey Kim page.

According to what I read and was told, I need to share 7 random facts about me so here goes:

1. According to my husband ( I confirm this), I say a lot of "Anything and everything" such as if you watch my Youtube video, I will say, you can use this for just about "Anything and everything." HAHA

2. I am scared of cats.  This all started when I was 5, I was taking a shower and when I was done drying myself with towel (still butt naked mind you), I saw from the corner of my eye, this black cat.  I looked at it, It looked at me and HISSED.  I was so scared, I ran!!!(Butt Naked! yes thank you! You can keep on laughing Haha) It chased me and I just kept on running to my mom's room and crying at the same time. The bathroom to my mom's room was not even that far but I remember running scared shitless that It would bite me! It didn't thank goodness but I got scolded by my mom because apparently I was screaming at the top of my lung calling her! Sigh. Yea so whenever I see cat, you damn straight I will steer away to the other direction slowly. No running this time.

3. I am a coffee addict.  I love Starbuck.  Anyone who knows me, spends time with me knows that I have to have my Iced Venti Caramel Macchiato by Starbucks every day with perfect concoction too.  This is how my order goes every time I visit, I would like to have Iced Venti Caramel Macchiato with 1 pump of vanilla, 1 pump of raspberry, Extra caramel, very light ice, upside down. Yes I am that Beyotch according to one of my HHF(Hip Hop Fitness family, I will talk about them in my next post, just wait for it haha) I am also known for the Ice lady because I will also ask for a venti cup of Ice.  My coffee will last me all day so I want them to be cold at all times if possible hence the extra cup of Ice. :) It is that simple. Oh but if I am in Indonesia, then the order will be Iced Venti Caramel Coffee Jelly with 2 pumps of Vanilla because venti size in Indonesia is grande size in US.

4. I am scared of Centipede (Kelabang or Lipan) because when I was young (yes again), maybe around 11 or 12, in my Home country, Indonesia, I love sleeping on the floor (Tile floor. Because The Floor feels so cool on a hot night).  Well one night, while I was sleeping on my belly, I felt something crawling on my foot, somehow my sixth sense if you want to call it, myself, told me not to move and I didn't. It was so damn ticklish too, can you imagine trying not to move when you feel so ticklish. yea it was very hard but I didn't move.  I felt it kept crawling all the way to my thigh then it stopped and turned around and crawled back to my feet all the way passed my toes.  I waited for a few seconds and jumped up, turned the lights on, saw that it was Centipede! screamed at the top of my lungs, woke my oldest sister up and we tried to kill it but it went behind our furniture. From then on, I never sleep on the floor again.  My nanny at the time told me I was lucky that I didn't move because if I were to move, it will bite and sting and the pain will last 3 days.  It was in her case (she was bit once too)

5. I almost drown twice when I was little. Once when I was around 4 swimming in the river and got taken by the tide. Luckily I was hanging onto this big boulder and was able to be saved.  Second time, I was 7 and was trying to go follow my mom not knowing that where she was the water were deep, I just kept on walking and then bam, all of a sudden, my feet can't touch the ground. (I can't swim yet as well) Luckily, again, my dad saw me and saved me.  Oh my hero! Thanks Dad. Love you very much.

6. I love to dance. I used to go to club all the time when I was in my college year.  My girlfriend and I will go to the club at 10, dance our ass off until the club is closing at 2.30.  No I don't drink alcohol so when I was thirsty, I will ask the bartender for a glass of water. Yes, they hate me because water is FREE.  Dancing in the club was my work out of the week.  Now my workout is HHF (Hip Hop Fitness) LOVE LOVE HHF!

7. I love Volleyball. I play VB at this time 2 times a week.  I used to play more and I played VB while I was pregnant with both of my sons until I was 6 months.  Yes it is ok to play VB while you are pregnant as long as you don't dive for the ball.  My OB/GYN actually recommends me to keep doing what I was doing in terms of working out (in my case VB is my work out at the time when I was pregnant.) I stopped playing when my pregnancy reached 6 months because my body told me to stop, so I listened. Oh as a matter of fact, we just won our first CHAMPIONSHIP! Summer Co-ed League! YAY!!
Here is the pic:

From left to right: Carol, Kur, Rose, Mark and Michelle. We are missing Mike. He left before we can tell him we want to take the pic. Sorry Mike.

Well that is all 7 random facts about me.  I didn't expect it to be quite long.  Oh well.  Let's move on now shall we?

It is my turn to nominate 15 new bloggers, so here they are:  (in random order)
Ok I am fairly new to the Indonesian Beauty Blogger so I am having a hard time trying to think who to nominate just because they are all seem to be my senior.  :( oh what to do? If I nominate you and you are already being nominate by someone, I apologize.  I don't really know too many of you ladies YET so bear with me.

4.Diani Noverta
5. Ayu Lestari
6. Yoannita
7.Fonny Saovara
8.DocCi N Sista
10. Marsha Karta Swardhama
11. Yun Ny
12.Vixen Lady
13.Angela Desisca
14. Romacchiato
15. Felicia Permata Halim

Well that is all for now.  Honestly, this is tough, only because of the fact that I am super new and I can't find anyone who is younger than me, in term of blogging period.  Most are my senior.  Anyway, it is your turn now guys!! I can't wait to read your random facts.  I probably overdid mine.  Haha

ps: Sara:  I found out that you nominate me too so thank you so much! I apologize for not mentioning your name up there but I was already finished then I read your blog and found my name is in one of your nominee so I apologize. Thank you.

Thanks for visiting!


  1. congrats on u'r first award :)

  2. Jengg,, itu yun ny tu eke bukan? lol
    Sama nam fbnya wkwkkw gr mode on

    1. Yes. It is you girl! So go do your random facts already hahaha. I want to read it soon!

  3. Congrats Honey! You deserve it for all the effort you put into blogging.

    1. Thanks honey! I couldn't have done it without you! Thanks for awesome supports. :)

  4. congrats on the award! :)
    I love Starbucks too <3

    1. Thank you Ribka! Starbuck is good lol! High five girl!

  5. oh dear, is that my name on the last of the list?? ahaha.. thank youuuu :X actually i've been nominated by several other beauty bloggers earlier, but never had a chance to make it. ermm.. maybe i should make it asap then. haha ow, you're in Volley Ball team also? i also join my highschool VB team back thenn.. tapi sekarang uda ga sempet main lagi :( jadi kangeeen. hehehe.. & once again, thx for the award. and always fun to read the 7 random things! :D

    1. Yes Felicia that is you! You are quite welcome. Ohh I was in my VB HS team too! Wow what a coincidnce. It was fun wasn't it? Our HS times? I miss my HS! I had a BLAST when I was in HS. It is totally diff than college and now marriage life as well as kids. No complaint though. :)

  6. hellooo, i visit you back and i following you now, follow me back oke :)
    congrats for your first award! :)
    btw, i really love cat, they're so cute, lol

    1. I already did! Thx ya Indah! I know they r cute but u wont see me with them in real life. I like pics of them haha.

  7. Awww, hun. You are so kind! ;o; *KISSIES*

    Thank you thank youuuu. I think it'll take a while since we both are writing for it ahahahah. We're taking turns in making the post and whatnot.

    lol preggo mom with volley ball. You really are one of a kind!! xDDDDDD *salute!*

    1. Lol u r very welcome u r hillarious. I think we will get along well u and i and her (mashi). Haha yes I was that preggo mom playing VB. It is not uncommon here. There are better lol she was jogging/running while 9.5months pregnant. Now THAT was awesome because I couldn't do that. Lol

  8. Congraaaaatss ^^
    I'm afraid of cats too, I don't know why, I always try to stay away from cats but there are a lot of cats near my house and sometimes they enter my house!! ;__;

    1. Ohhh melissa!!! I know how u feel. I think that was what happened when I was little. It was just a stray cat who came into our house. :( uggghhh lol

  9. Finally! Blogwalking time..
    we nominate each other.. LOL! It's okay dear.. thank you.. *kisses*
    Volley ball, hip hop fitness! Whoaaaa! your little boys just so lucky! they have such a cool mom!

  10. Lol thanks. As for my children, I am not so sure yet if they think I am cool. We will see in about 5 yrs whether my son thinks I am cool haha

  11. Hi dear, I was reading your blog and just noticed that my name is up there! o___o Thank you for tagging me! But one thing that confuses me is, once we got tagged, do we have to tag new bloggers only? Because I'm a newbie as well and I don't really know many new bloggers o__O
    Anyway, I'm watching your Glossybox video right now, and I just looooooove the way you talk in English! I might have to learn from you ^___~



  12. Hey girl I am so sorry I must've forgotten to contact you. Truly apologize. Yea i believe that is one of the rules as to nominate other new bloggers. I actually came with the same problem as you are right being a newbie and not know too many new bloggers so I guess what you can do is just to nominate those who you knows and if you have to repeat names then do so. If you only manage to get 10 then just go ahead and nominate 10. I was literary struggling as well so totally know how you feels. I hope this helps. Just nominate who you know. Don't worry abtvthe number of ppl. Oh btw thanks for the compliments!! Too bad you don't live close to me otherwise I will be happy to talk to you in english all day so you can learn and we can have fun! Hey maybe shopping together right!! Lol