Monday, July 16, 2012

Fun Leopard Nails

Fun Leopard Nails

Today I decided to experiment with doing my nails.  It is so much fun and I love how it turned out, I decided that I should share with you guys and give you tutorial on how to do it.  It is very easy to do!
Before I start, I would like to say that I saw this on youtube tutorial from my Facebook friend.  She is an awesome nail technician and very very lovely person.  Her name is Marcela. So, from her and I, to YOU!
Hope you like it!

First, start with a base color for your nail. I chose OPI Lucky Lucky Lavender.

Then I chose 5 other colors as the colors to make the leopard prints. These are glittery nail polishes from the Kat Von D Collections.  It is called Kat Von D High Voltage Lacquer.

 This bright Yellow color is called Sparklehorse.

This one is called Wonderchild.

This one is called No Regrets.

This one is called Mad Max.

 This one is called My Lifesaver.

For my top coat, I use Sally Hansen Hard as Nails.
Use Nail Art Pen in Black..In my case, I use Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen in Black.
Next, after you choose all your colors, you start by putting all the colors in the spot that you will like them to be.  Make sure you separate the colors just to kinda add a little more fun look to it. Just spread the colors around :)
Then wait for about 5 minutes to let the colors dry.

When you are done with spreading all the colors, outline all the colors with Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen. It doesn't have to be neat. You just outline around the color as shown in picture.

 The end result will be like this. This is also after I put my top coat. It makes it shinier and glossier. You can use any top coat you have.  I use my Sally Hansen top coat.
When you are done with all 10 fingers, this is how mine turn out. I really LOVE it.

Well that is how I did this nail looks.  I hope you like it as much as I do.  The process really is very simple and quick. You just have to make sure u let the colors to dry before you outline them with the nail art pen. You don't have to outline them neatly, the idea is to make each line different and that will make the leopard colors look to be more unique.  Just have fun with it!

You can find Sally Hansen Products (Nail Art Pen in Black and Top Coat) at any drugstore such as, CVS and Walgreens. 
The Kat Von D Nail Lacquers is on SALE now at 
The OPI Lucky Lucky Lavender is available at
The Nicole My Lifesaver, I bought it at TJ Maxx. I am not sure if you can still find it at TJ Maxx but I am positive Ulta will have it. 

As I mention above, I learn this from a youtube tutorial off of a dear facebook friend of mine, here is a link to her youtube tutorial:

PS: you do not need to use the nail polishes that I use.  Just use whatever colors you have that matches to the colors above or even a totally different colors. Neon, matte, cream, or glitter! Just use whatever colors you have and be varies! 

So there you go. Please leave a comment below on how to improve my blogs and what you will like to see on my blogs.  I will definitely try to do my best to improve it better.  Happy Painting! Thanks for visiting!


  1. I love it! I'll def. want to try this out myself:-)Thanks Rose:-)

  2. Thank you! yes try it...It is a lot of fun!

  3. cute!
    I just don't have the patience to do many steps most of the time lol