Friday, July 20, 2012

Glittery Summer Nails

I love glitter.  Summer is just a perfect time to show those glitter off along with the beautiful bright summer color of nail polish.  I have received a full size of Zoya nail polish which I love because it totally scream "SUMMER" in my May/June Glossybox. If you would like to see what I received for my June/July Glossybox, click here: June/July Glossybox

I should just take a picture of my May/June Glossybox and post it on the blog so that you all can see what I got in that box.  I was so happy with my May/June Box.  It was truly worth it of my $20.

The Zoya nail polish I got is called Shelby. Here is a picture as well as swatch of  "Shelby."  So beautiful and vibrant pink.

Then I decided to put a twist to this nail polish and put a little green neon stripes. here is how it looks after I put the stripes on top of nail polish.

I use L.A Colors Nail Art in Neon Green.

After I put on the stripes, I then saw my glitter nail effect and thought, hmm why not add some glitter to it.  I bet it will just add more "oomph" to the nail polish so then I decided to do that. I use 2 glitter polish to create the gradient of glitters.

This is the first glitter using Nails. Inc special effects in
Marylebone 3D Glitter.

This is the picture of all fingers using Marybone 3D Glitter.

This is the picture after using the second glitter.  This is Barielle nail polish in Stardust.

Here is the final look before and after top coat.

The picture doesn't do justice in regards to the polish.  My camera cannot capture the true image of the picture and the glitter effects.  This is one of those "It looks so much better when you see it in person" nail polish.

I hope you like it. Pls leave a comment and suggestion on how I can improve my blog as well as what you will like to see in my blog.  Thanks for visiting!

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