Tuesday, July 31, 2012

My Jewelry and Beauty Haul

Hello everybody!

Today I just want to share my collection of jewelry and beauty haul.  This haul including collections from Forever 21, Charlotte Russe, TJ Maxx, Express, The Limited, and Sephora.

Well first of all, let's talk about behind the story of how I got into the idea of going to Forever 21 store.  I have received Forever 21 gift card from my mother in law on my birthday that I have not used so one fine day, I decided to go to Forever 21 store and check out some jewelry items.  Boy was I in for a surprise.  I never knew they have so many collections of accessories.  From earrings, rings, necklaces, bangles to hats, scarves and so much more.  I went with the thought of "I am going to go around and look at some rings," To my surprise, I saw this bow ring that I have been wanting to get.  Imagine my excitement!! I literally search to every single aisle trying to find other colors of that bow ring but to no available. :( such a bummer but oh well, I am happy with what I got.  Never would I thought I will find it in Forever 21 so I then looked around some more and find other gorgeous jewelry that I like.  So I went and purchased them. Oh and I never knew accessories collections at Forever 21 are inexpensive so imagine my excitement when I saw the price tag and realized that I could get more jewelry. Ha ha..

Anyhow, here is a picture of things I got at Forever 21, Charlotte Russe, TJ Maxx, Express, The Limited
and Sephora.

First Haul Youtube Video   If this does not take you my video, pls click on the Youtube link to my right and it will take you there. :)

My lovely bow ring that I am very excited about. I wish they have more colors because I will buy every colors. LOL I first saw this when I watch Kandee Johnson Youtube video. I love Kandee Johnson. She is one of the most amazing person and awesome beauty guru.  She just has a beautiful heart. She bought hers at a vintage store so there is no way I can get it. So, imagine my excitement when I saw this at Forever XII store.  I held it in my hand so tight until check out. Ha ha.

This is so pretty too.

White daisy ring. 

The lovely long necklaces with gold leaf.

Multi colored feather necklaces with polka dots.

This daisy ring is the one on sale for $1.99 and at the time, they are having buy one get one free for sale items so I had another one of this ring in dark pink (FREE). *grinning* I love them both but I couldn't find my pink one hence no picture of it. Sorry. However, you can go to my Youtube to see how it looks.  :)

The pink daisy ring.  The one I got for FREE. such a good deal.

Red feather earring with gold leaves.

It is gorgeous don't you think?

Green pastel round earring. 

I gave this one to my sister because she LOVES green and she really loves this earring.  :)

I love how cute this earring looks.

isn't this pink chandelier earring so pretty? I get a lot of compliments from this one.

The bottom has gold lining all around it. very vintage looking

Beautiful peach pastel ring

Beautiful pastel pink chandelier earring.

This is how it looks when you put it on.

lovely "necklace" ring

Don't you just love how it looks.  So fun.

Cute dragon fly ring 

Betsey Johnson dragonfly ring. You can find it at TJ Maxx.

I just love the little noise it makes every time I move my fingers. LOL I am such a dork.

Isn't this just so pretty.  It is by Betsey Johnson.  Sold at TJ Maxx.

Ok I love my little satchel handbag earring.

 I have to take a picture of the side view because apparently my husband think this is a coffee mug instead of a satchel bag/hand bag. LOL he is too funny though I am a coffee fanatic.

This one is from Express. I just love how this one looks when you put it on.

I just love the look this earring gives when you put it on.  So so pretty.

This one is also from Express.  All their sale items are an additional 40%OFF. Go to EXPRESS Clothing and check out their sale item.

This is how it looks when you put it on.

My pink bracelet to match all my pink earrings.

Lovely don't you think?

Blue heart with fuschia earring abd gold heart by Betsey Johnson. On sale at TJ Maxx

What do you think? I like it.

Yes I know I already have 2 bow ring but I can't help it.  This one is in pastel pink and just so so pretty.

This one is from The Limited.  Isn't the detail just look so gorgeous.  I am so in love with it.

I am so sorry abt this one, I forgot to mention it in Youtube so I just show it here.

Now onto Sephora Beauty items:

 These two lashes are both on sale online at Sephora. They are sold out though.  However, if you have a Sephora store in your area, go there, they usually will still have it and depending on each store though, a lot of time they will honor the sale. They are originally $8, now on sale for $3.

The Sephora travel mani set. Originally $20, now on sale for $7.  They are still available I believe so go to
Sephora and grab this quick.  They are so convenient for when you travel or even for at home.

This is how it looks like on the inside.  Pretty right?

Sephora Dual sided bronzer and blush brush

Sephora large all over shadow brush

Sephora IT cream brush.

Well what do you guys think? I am very happy with what I hauled.  Ha ha! It is a lot of jewelry i know however, I don't really have a lot of jewelry so I am now just starting to build my little collection and so far I am happy with what I got.  Let me know which one you like best. Most of this stuffs are still available at their store so if there is anything you like, hurry up to the store and grab them. They can sell out quick because most of these items are on sale therefore people tend to buy them.  I hope you like my collection.  Pls comment on how I can improve or what you will like to see next on my blog.  Thanks for visiting.

PS: If you are planning on buying beauty items from Sephora, they are having this amazing deal where you spend $25, you can receive Buxom full size eyeshadow for FREE!! just type : SILVER on the promotion box. Oh and don't forget to sign up for their beauty insider.  It helps you add your points and you can exchange that points to free products! Awesome right!!


  1. the rose buds rings are so lovely!! i will go on shopping this tuesday so i hope to find cute things like urs :D

  2. Go to H&M Ros .. They have a lot of jewelry too ..

  3. Oh ok! Thanks for the suggestion! :)

  4. The bow rings are cute!! Made me wanna crochet one too!!