Sunday, July 15, 2012

July Birch Box

For all of you who do not know what Birchbox is, it is a box filled with about four or five deluxe sample of beauty products, such as face, hair, hand and body products. It is a wonderful way to try out new products to see whether or not you will like certain products. It is a $10 monthly subscription where you are sent a box each month with samples of products.  What you do is you fill out information about your beauty routine and they will then send you samples of products that they think you will be interested on.  For example, in my case, I choose to receive samples of face and hand products so each month I will receive at least a sample of each, such as, eyeliner, lip gloss, nail polish, moisturizer and so on. As I said earlier, it is pretty much like a magazine subscription where you pay a monthly subscription for each box and you can stop anytime you want if you do not wish to pay nor receive anymore beauty samples. Simple right? :)

This is my third box that I have received from Birch Box and so far I have been very happy with the samples I received.  It is so funny to think how one package can make me feel so giddy, anxious, curious and filled with excitement just to think "oooohhh what is it that I am getting this time!" 

Anyway, let me show you what I got in my July Birchbox.  For July, Birchbox teamed up with Glamour magazine to create a collection of essentials that goes far beyond the visual. 

Look at this pink box, it is so pretty, isn't it? When you see the pink package in your mailbox, you will know that your Birchbox has finally arrived!

This is what it looks like when i first open the package:

Next, is what I see when I first open my box:

It is pretty much explaining what July Box is all about.

This is what you will see next:


pretty isn't it?

I will now post pic of each item.

Ada Cosmetics -- Bronzer
Get an islan goddess tan the dermatologist-approved way with this oh-so-slightly shimmery, mineral powder. Full size, $12.45

Gloss Moderne -- High Gloss Masque
Sun, heat and pollution all strip our hair--happily, this vitamin-rich conditioning complex restores bounce and shine. Full size, $39

Harvey Prince -- Hello
Get a glass half full disposition with this optimistic blend of juicy Meyer lemon, white grapefruit, and pink plumeria. Full Size, $26-$55

Stila -- Lip Glaze
This gloss from the limited edition It's Go Time Lip Glaze Trio combines shimmery color with mega-watt shine. Set of 3, $1

This is how it looks like on my hand. I tried to focus the image the best I can but it doesn't do justice for the color.  I am so sorry. It is a pretty bronze shimmery color.  Oh and it smells so good. Stila fans out there will know what I am talking about.

This is how it looks like on my lips. It is a very pretty shimmery color. I know you can't really see it and it is probably because my camera can't really captures the shimmers very well but I truly love the color.

The extra items that come with the sample are:
LARABAR -- uber
The latest addition to snack drawer, these healthy and satisfying bars are packed with dried nuts and fruits. Variety Pack of 16, $27.95

Birchbox Exclusive -- Earbuds
A neon headphones. I love the color of these headphones. It is so pretty!

Well these are all the items I got from July Birchbox. Overall, I am very happy with what I got. So, if you are interested in investing $10 on samples to see whether or not you going to like a brand new product, Birchbox is the way to go.  I think this is a wonderful idea for people like me who likes to test their product first before buying the full product to see if I like it or not.  Also, Birchbox sells the full products of all the samples that are in the box to make it easier on their customers if they decide that they like the product and want to purchase them.

Well that is all for today! I hope you like it. Please give comments on how I can improve my blog or what you like to see on my blog. Thanks so much!!

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