Thursday, July 19, 2012

June/July Glossybox

If you have not heard of Glossybox yet, it is pretty much like Birchbox.  Glossybox started its company over in England while Birchbox started up here in the United States.  Glossybox is also a more expensive subscription.  You will need to pay $20/month for Glossybox. However, with that said, with Glossybox, you receive more high end travel size samples.  For example, in last months' box, I got a Burberry lipstick. Oh my gosh I was about to die when I saw it.  Ok for anyone who doesn't know me, I LOVE Burberry but I have never owned any of the Burberry cosmetics line.  It was just too expensive for me and so when I opened my May/June Glossybox, I was super excited.

Well let's look at the June/July Box then :) The reason I wrote June/July, is because it is a June box but I didn't receive it until early July because it took about 5 days for the box to arrive at my home  :( Yes I wish it was earlier. The same thing happened with my May Box and I think this happened because my box is on the third wave of shipments. Oh well it is quite alright, what matters is I get my box! he he

I love the box that comes with the travel samples. It is pink and very sturdy! You can actually reuse the box for keeping just about anything travel size, hair accessories, even your makeup palettes.  It is great.  Here is a picture of the box. I apologize about the wrinkled looking paper, I opened the box prior to taking the picture so I was putting it back together to show how it looks like when I first received and opened it.

Here is what I saw when I opened my box.  All items are travel size except the Mascara.  :)

Here now is a picture of each of the items up close. I will put the descriptions provided by Glossybox to describe each item.


Ultimate Moisturizing Body Creme

This moisturizing cream for the whole body is made with 30% organic shea butter, leaving your skin smooth and soft.
Full size price of this product: $18.00/9.0oz



Create free flowing hair with this lightweight treatment containing silk extract that instantly restores your mane.
Full size price of this product: $12.00/5.07oz



Smooth Shave Cream is a gentle, non-irritating formula containing everything you need to obtain a close, long-lasting shave.  Keep your legs looking smooth and sexy all summer long.
Full size price of this product: $16.50/6.8oz



This is a special surprise treat from Glossybox.
The combination of lavender and grapefruit makes for a fresh and citric scent.
Personally, it is not my kind of perfume.  I love florally smells of perfume.  This smells exactly like it describes so if you love fruity sweet lemon sorbet, you will like this one.



Erase the years from your face with elastin-strengthening technology that visibly transforms and contours your skin.
Full size price of this product: $98.00/1.7oz



This unique formula with argan oil will give your lashes an intense, dramatic look without clumps or smudges.
I got this in full size product. YAY!
Full size price of this product: $20.00/0.39oz

If you have extra money to spend and you want to spend it on beauty products, Glossybox is the way to go because you get to sample products that are high end.  This way you will not regret your decision to buy an expensive product.  With these samples, you can actually test the product and if you totally like it, you can be sure that you are buying a product that will suit your needs.

Ok then! I hope you like this review. Please leave me a comment or message on how I can improve my blogs or what you would like to see here in the future.  Until next time!! Thanks for visiting.


  1. Hello ^^
    I heard much about the glossybox. You're so lucky to got burberry lipstick!! I really want to try glossybox T__T but yeah I live in Indonesia and I never purchase anything from overseas because I think that the shipping cost will be expensive. But this glossybox really worth it, get so much items with only $20 O__O
    Following you now ^^

  2. Hello Melissa...Yes I know I am very lucky and Glossybox just starts its subscription too I believe last May so I was very excited when I got it. Yes the Burberry lipstick truly made my day. I actually got so much more and I am very happy with Glossybox. Oh yes Zoya nail polish..I got it in Pink..I LOVE it!!