Friday, December 14, 2012

The Gilty Pleasure 18K Real Gold Nail Polish Top Coat Trio Gift Box

Hello Everyone!!

Today I want to show you guys this beautiful collections from Zoya.  The nail polishes that are in this gift box are totally super amazing.  Why? Because not only that it contains 2 great nail polishes from Zoya but also that it comes with a top coat that contains gold! Real Gold. 18K Gold to be exact.  Yes you may think that I am crazy because who in the world will buy a nail polish that contain real gold and use it on their fingernails as a top coat.  Yes yes that crazy girl is me but hey really, it is zoya and I totally fell in love with it when I saw the colors and for the price it offers I think it is a bargain.  When I purchase this gift set, I also got a full size of Zoya Storm  and full size body wash from their sister's line so hey not bad right?

Well let's just show you guys the pictures of these beautiful nail polishes already shall we!

This is how they are packaged.  Pretty right? I love the box that is used to store these nail polishes.  It looks expensive, well it is kinda expensive  haha however,  I like it and I find it pretty.  Yea I am weird like that.

A closer look.  This holiday set comes with:
Purity, the white nail polish, Gilty, the 18K Gold top coat, and Raven, the black nail polish.

Ok let's start with Purity.  It is this pretty white nail polish.  I have always had a problem applying white nail polish on my fingernails and I don't know why.  Purity is no exception. It applied streaky and not evenly if I am not careful.  It is opaque in two coats if you know what you are doing however if you make a little mistake like me, then another coat is needed.

This is Raven.  Well just like its name, it is this gorgeous black color.  I am in serious love with this color.  It is opaque in two coats with no problem whatsoever. Totally love it.

Last but not least, the star of the box, Gilty.  Gilty as you can see from the picture, it has 18K written on it because it is contains, well, 18K real gold.  It is so pretty and I am seriously loving this top coat.  You can pretty much use this as a top coat to any color of nail polishes that you have.  Its intention is to add a little oomph to our manicured nails.

Up close look of the brush with the gold flecks.  It is indeed gorgeous. The brush is great to use but then again my nail is short so I do not have any problem applying most nail polishes.  If you have a longer and wider nail, you may need extra work but you also may not.  I am only talking based on my experience with my nails, I do not have a problem with it and it works wonderful on me.

Ok this is the picture before I put on my top coat and I took this picture in a terrible and I mean terrible lighting so pardon the dark and muddy look of this picture. They both are actually really beautiful looking color.

Now are you ready to see the final result of this with Gilty as a top coat?

TA DA!!! Gorgeous right? I mean really! I LOVE  Gilty and honestly am not regret getting holiday set at all.  Though I was worried in the beginning when I start putting the top coat because I was trying to make sure I get the gold spreads evenly and I only need to brush it twice to make it look like pictured so it really is simple and did not give me any problem.

Here is another look from a different angle and my left hand to compare with the right hand.  I am totally enjoying this look on my nails right now and loving every minute of it.

Well that is all the picture I have for this particular set.  The top coat and both colors of raven and purity lasts    good.  I have done my dishes today manually and not using dishwasher machine and they totally still look like I just put them on.  No chipping whatsoever.  Yes it is a little on the expensive side (a little) however, it truly gives a great glow to any of your nail polishes.  It adds that little oomph that I told you about.  Plus, Gold is "IN" right now.

This Zoya Gilty Pleasure 18K Real Gold Nail Polish can be purchased on Zoya website for $45.

That is all for now guys.  Don't forget to check out my giveaway and participate. :) There is still time remaining to be in the giveaway.  Here is the link to the GIVEAWAY.  Thanks for visiting! Until next time.  XOXO


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