Thursday, December 20, 2012

Ferrero Rocher Inspired Look

Hello everyone!

Gosh Christmas is so close now and I am so busy with last minute gifting and trying to not miss anyone.  This is one of the reason why I have been slow in blogging and giving responses in my blogs.
Anyway, today I just want to show you my Ferrero Rocher inspired looks.

See I got a Holiday Treat Box from Influenster and in it, to my surprise, is Ferrero Rocher.  I was super excited when I saw it because I love Ferrero Rocher.    So, when I made a video review of Ferrero Rocher,  I just have to share with you guys my looks that I created while filming this video.

If you are wondering what is Ferrero Rocher, it is this amazing combination of  whole hazelnut surrounded by chocolaty cream within a crisp wafer all enveloped in milk chocolate and finely chopped hazelnuts and it is awesome.  If you never try one, you should try it and after that you probably will be blaming me for getting you addicted to this wonderful snack.  Haha.  I made a review video of Ferrero Rocher as well, check it out!

Here is the link to it:

Well let me just show you the look I create for this video.   I use Naked Palette 1 to create this look and lipstick I got from my glossybox for my lip.

Gold is the major theme for this look because Ferrero Rocher has a gold wrapper for its chocolate and it is just so fancy and expensive looking.

What I did with my eyes, I start with smog at the crease using pencil brush, half baked in the middle using the all over lid brush, sin in the inner lid, toasted at the outer lid then top it with combination of smog and darkhorse with the pencil brush and create a V-shape.  I then use naked to blend smog in my crease and Virgin to highlight my browbone.
For my bottom eyes, I use sin in the inner lid, smog and darkhorse combined on the rest of my bottom eyes.
I create an cat eye for the looks with perversion eyeliner, I also line my waterline with perversion.  I then apply fake eyelash.

For my cheeks, I use Nars orgasm, and I use MAC bronzer from the glamour daze palette holiday collection.
Lip: I use the lipstick I get from glossybox, I believe it is called Glossy Pink.  I really love this lipstick and have been using it plenty of times.

Here is just the final look with my Golden Gift box.
This look is very easy to create and won't take you long to do so I hope you like the look.

Just one final picture to show my love to this awesome chocolate treats.

That is all for today and let me know what you think about this look.  Do you like it? Am I missing anything?
I honestly love this look because it is neutral but at the same time very vibrant gold look that can be used for party or just everyday look.

Leave a comment if you like and Thank you for visiting! Happy Holiday everyone.


  1. love this look! you totally rock it ♥

    1. Aww thanks so much for the compliment :) xoxo

  2. I want the rocher!! Hihihihi.

    You look gorgeous as always ;)

  3. I love goooooold...Looks good on you!

  4. kak rose :D
    i wish i find more chocolate on your face :3
    lol xD
    i love gold but I never try wearing it -_-

  5. Yeah, that gold is fantastic. I'm a big fan.
    That chocolate is definitely on my top 10 list. SUPER yummy - you are a lucky lady!

  6. I am a big fan of Ferrero Rocher ever since I was a kid! Wow, you're so creative to create this look out of it Kak Ros!

    please join my current giveaway worth $30.99 sponsored by Wishtrend ^_^


  7. Ferrero Rocher is my favourite chocolate hands down! and love this gold look you did, it looks awesome!

  8. Hi I found you on the Blog hop. Please stop by and say hi when you get a minute. have a great week. :)