Wednesday, October 24, 2012

NYC New York Color IndividualEyes Custom Compact

Hello everyone!

Today I want to talk about this little palette of dark shadows I got from my Influenster "Beauty Blogger's Vox Box 2012."  My very first beauty blogger's vox box so YAY.  I will explain about this in my later post.  I truly apologize about this.  It is because I have not finished editing the video of what  I got so I figured I will review this palette first then will talk more about the Vox Box itself in the next post.

Anyway, I got this dark shadows palette in the Vox Box and this will be my very first experience with New York Color brand.  I have never own any of NYC palette before so I am very excited to try this.  Another bonus about this palette is that this is their limited edition.  I love limited edition items.  You can visit their website to view more colors of their IndividualEyes Custom Compact at

Here is what the palette looks like:

The packaging is simple.  I love the fact that they have a plastic cover inside with label on where to put the specific colors.  The palette also comes with a primer (great bonus) and an illuminator (another awesome bonus) two thumbs up for NYC to include this two extra bonus in the palette because now you can easily carry just this palette without having to worry having to buy another primer because you forget yours at home.  No longer worried if you have this palette.  Simply thoughtful right?

I love how it has a plastic cover on top that describe where to put the shadows.  This is great for those are just learning on how to put makeup on.  It makes  putting eye makeup to be a little easier.  I also love the fact that the plastic cover can protect the shadows from going places in the palette (slightly helpful but not much because as you can see the darkest shadow actually manage to creep its way to illuminator and make it look so dirty.  This probably doesn't bother people but it irks me so bad when my shadows touch other shadow and it irks me the most especially when it touches the creamy part  of the palette such as this. (ie the illuminator)

Closer look of the palette.  The colors is actually pretty nice.  All of them are shimmery.

This is the primer and illuminator.  Ok I didn't try to clean it because I am afraid that it will get worse with my fingerprint being in there.  :( It came like this when I open my Vox Box)

This is how the back looks like.  The bottom paper looks like it ripped because it is.  I tried to lift it because that is what it said if I want to see the step by step even though I know it (the tutorial) looks exactly like the picture on the outside cover.  I tried anyway hence the ripped paper.

A closer look of the picture for the tutorial on easy way to put the eyeshadow on your eyes.

This is the swatches of the illuminator on the left and the primer on the right.

This is the swatches with the primer provided in the palette.  The color description from left to right:
The colors on the far left is the darkest one in the palette and as you can see it looks quite dark but honestly, it actually not as pigmented as it looks in the palette.  I have to actually pat quite a few times to get to the desired look that I like.  It actually works in my favor because I like to start light then go darker and darker however I know some consumer like it to be pigmented and this darkest color isn't one.  The second color from the left is the contour color and I find that one to be the most pigmented than the rest. The rest of the colors needed to be patted a few times before I get the desired consistency that I like.  The highlight color on the far right is the second most pigmented.  The all over lid color is the second least pigmented, the darkest one to be the least pigmented.

This is the swatches with no primer.
As you can see on the far left, the colors here are quite different than the top.  The primer truly helps bringing the colors out especially with the darkest color.  You can also see how the contour color which is the second color from the left looks pigmented.  I only did one swipe on my hand and it shows.  The all over lid and highlight are showing quite well.

This is the look I did based on the tutorial diagram.
The only thing I did different was my left eye use the primer provided by the palette but I didn't put it on my right eye because I wanted to see how the color turned out and will it last. However, I then realized that I use BB cream so my right eye of course will have primer just not specifically for eye but primer nevertheless.

This is the complete look:

I put this makeup on at 5 o'clock to get ready to go dinner with my family and to test out how long will this eye shadow last because I heard drugstore product tends to fade a little faster than high end product.  I wanna see if it is true or not so I put it to the test.

6 hrs later (Took this picture around 11ish pm):

I notice that my lids both are starting to get oily which is why if you look at the picture closely, you can tell that they look slightly different.  They don't look as matte looking or flawless looking as the first time I put it on.  The colors still stay and looks great though despite me feeling oily lids and worrying that it will smudge or fade off. The colors stay for the most part.  I notice a hint of fading on the middle of my lid, very little though so if I didn't pay attention, no one will even know it.  I also did not do any retouch on the eye shadow or blot the oil because as I said earlier, I want to test to see whether or not the colors are going to fade away.

10 hrs later. (Took this around 3ish am)

Yes I was staying up because I was editing a video. My eyes starting to feel heavy (not just because I was sleepy but because I have fake eyelash on as well as the oil all over my eyes,  I can feel them and usually I use powder to make get rid of the oil but I didn't this time so it just started to get uncomfortable.  The colors started to fade away too but not much, just slightly. I notice if I look closely I can see the naked skin in the area around the middle of my eye.

Here are the pictures of the eyes:

Just finished putting the makeup around 5pm.

6 hrs later.

10 hrs later. Sorry I forgot to take a picture of both eyes so I just do it with the picture of each individual eye.  (I blame it on being tired because I was very tired) See as I said, it fades a little but not much and look on right eye's picture, you actually can see a little bit of my flesh there without the cover of shadows. haha

now here is the full look of the picture and you can see by the end of the picture, I was tired lol

Just did the makeup.

6 hrs later

10 hrs later.

So in all honesty, this is a good palette.  I am surprised with the result but happy at the same time.  The colors are pretty and to create a soft smokey look is so easy and simple as well as dramatic look for girls' night out, party or event.  

Disclaimer:  I received this product complimentary from Influenster in a beauty Vox Box  for testing and review purposes.

You can get this product for the price of $4.99 at any drugstores and grocery stores such as CVS,Walgreen, Target, Walmart.

Well that is all for now everyone.   Thanks for visiting! :) 


  1. whoaaa, great staying power.. I'm curious about this brand, all thanks to you!

    I wonder if any Indonesian online store sell this NYX brand..

  2. Yea the staying power is quite good :) you are welcome! I hope this helps and btw, it is not Nyx brand but NYC. I am not sure if it is just a mistype on your part so just want to make sure you know. Thanks. I hope they sell this palette in Indonesia but I don't know.

    1. LOL! Yes I mistype it, well, I guess I was sleepy when I type that, X and C are neighbors on keyboard :p

    2. Lol i thought so but I just want to make sure :) thx again for visiting!

  3. Wow your makeup is gorgeous! That is awesome! Visiting over from the GFC blog hop. I Love your blog and am your newest follower. Would love if you could come visit my blog and follow.


    1. Thanks Nicole! I have visited back :) keep in touch.

  4. the colour is great but the packaging is quite boring ._. almost the same like wet n wild eyeshadow packaging.

    1. yes the packaging is too simple I agree but at the same time, I believe they did this on purpose so ppl can actually see the product easily and decide whether or not they like it and as we all know, if we see beautiful colors then we will pretty much attracted to grab and take a look. In addition to that, I just saw the price of this palette, it is $4.99 and for that price, i believe the packaging is not bad, simple and boring but it made up with the power of the product inside that packaging :)

  5. eyeshadow colors really durable, perfect for smokey eyes palette ^^

    1. yes I totally agree. it is a perfect palette to create that smoky look whether you want it soft or dramatic.

  6. lasts so long! you could be a cover girl!

  7. looks pretty good! i should try it out sometime (:

    Toxic Codeine

  8. Great job on your lashes. Please do mine. I love them, smiles.

  9. i love how you do your eyes. gorgeous!